Turkish Nicknames | Cool Funny Turkish Nicknames For Guys & Girls

Turkish Nicknames | 222+ Cool Funny Turkish Nicknames For Guys & Girls

Turkish Nicknames | Searching for nicknames in Turkish to impress your Turkish friend’s guys and girls. You’ve come to the right place, stick with me till the end for Turkish nicknames.

Turkish is a unique and interesting language. Turkish is a language made up of words from Arabic and Urdu. It is the 13th most spoken language with over 79 million speakers worldwide.

Turkish is a language filled with great history and cool ancient heritages, It’s a language founded in the 11th century began from Central Asia. Just Like Turkish History Turkish nicknames are also unique and powerful based on the great history of the Turkish language,

Now choosing the right Turkish nicknames for your friends or your girlfriend can be very difficult for most of you, especially if you don’t understand Turkish. But don’t worry I’m here to help you.

In this post, I’ve posted a huge collection of Turkish nicknames for guys and girls. You can also use these nicknames for your Turkish friends, Girlfriend Boyfriend, or for your family members.

I have also provided the Turkish nicknames with meanings and English pronunciation, So you can easily differentiate and choose the best nicknames for your partner.

Funny Turkish Nicknames

Have a very funny friend? Finding funny Turkish nicknames for that friend, don’t worry, In the below list I’ve shared a funny list of funny Turkish nicknames for friends, I have also added the meaning and English speech of these nicknames in the list below so you don’t spend time translating it.

Hurry Choose your favorite funniest Turkish nickname and give surprise to your friends.

  • İhtiyar (Ih Tiyar) Comonly used for old people in english it means oldie.
  • Shorty (Shor Ty) Very popular for short people.
  • As (it needs no pronunciation Its Ace).
  • Devam et (Devam Et) It’s a popular funny nickname in Turkey as Goon.
  • Kıkırdamalar (Ki Kir Damalar) In English it Giggles.
  • korsan bayraği (Korsan Bayragi) it’s a funny nickname also known as Jolly Roger in English.
  • Büyük mac (Buyuk Mac) In English it means Big Mac.
  • Bay Temiz (Bay Te Miz) In English it means a clean person or in simple words Mr clean.
  • Cesur Yürek (Cesur Yurek) In English it means The Brave Person or Brave Heart.
  • Bıyık (Bi yik) It means Beard.
  • Brundon (Brun Don) It’s Brundon.
  • Kaptan Crunch (Kap Tan Church) means captain of the church.
  • Temel Reis (Temel Reis) Mean Popeye.
  • Dövüş Kulübü (Dovus Kulubu) It means Fight Club in English.
  • örümcek domuzu (Orum Cek Domuzu) You can say it like Spider Pig in English.
  • Sünger Bob (Sunger Bob) Surprise Its Sponge Bob.

Cool and Cute Turkish Nicknames

Cool and Cute Turkish Nicknames
Cool and Cute Turkish Nicknames

The people of Turkey are very cool and cute, so if you have a friend, girlfriend in Turkey then you must give him or her a cool Turkish nickname that best fits his or her personality.

But choosing these kinds of nicknames can be very hard, But don’t panic in the below list I’ve posted a collection of cool and cute Turkish nicknames that will help you create a special space in the heart of another person.

Now choose your favorite cute Turkish nicknames and create a special space in that special girl or guy’s heart.

  • Çikolata (Chiko Lata) It means Chocolate.
  • Celi Jack (Celi Jack) means crazy jack.
  • Kar Tazısı (Kar Tazisi) means Snow Hound.
  • Komando (Ko man Do) its Commando.
  • Yavşanotu (Yav Sa Notu) means Sloe.
  • Serin kırbaç (Serin Kir bac) you can say it like cool whip.
  • Mermerler (Mer Mer Ler) Its Marbles.
  • Sakızlı ayı (Sa kizli ayi) means Gummy bear.
  • Tatlı Tart (Tatli Tart) It known as Sweet Tart.
  • Şeftali-o (Sef Tali O) means Peach-O.
  • Sakız (Sa Kiz) Its Gum
  • Çift Kabarcık (Cift Kabar Cik) means Double Bubble.
  • Jöleli Tatlılar (Jo Leli Tatli Lar) means Jelly Desert.
  • Sulu Meyveli (Sulu Mey veli) Known as Juicy Fruity.
  • Cızırtılı Pop (Cizir Tili Pop) means Sizzling Pop.
  • Hatmi (Hatmi) means Marshmello.
  • Çarpışma Testi (Car Pisma Testi) means Crash Test.
  • Zihinsel (Zihin Sel) Its Mental
  • Çılgın Sekizler (Cilg In Sekiz Ler) Crazy Eight.
  • Merkür (Mer Kur) means Mercury.

Sweet Turkish Nicknames

Sweet Turkish Nicknames
Sweet Turkish Nicknames

Having a hard time finding the best cute sweet Turkish nicknames for your sweet Turkish friends, Not anymore, In this post, I’ve posted a cute list of sweet Turkish nicknames for your sweet Turkish friends.

Below is the list of sweet Turkish nickname ideas for your friends, You can choose your favorite sweet nickname for your friend and create a special space in that sweet friend’s heart.

  • Yeniden (Yeni Den) means Reborn.
  • Doğmuş (Dog Mus) It means Candy Man.
  • Şeker adam (Seker Adam) you can say it Mr. Adam.
  • Tanrıça (Tan rica) It means Goddess.
  • Misty Mayıs (Misty May is) It is called Misty May.
  • Melek kanadı (Melek Kana di) It means Angel Wing.
  • Melek bebek (Melek Be Bek) It means Angel Doll.
  • Dans Eden Deli (Dans Eden Deli) means Dancing Mad.
  • Akılsız Bobcat (Akil Siz Bob Cat) It means Mindless Bobcat.
  • Takım çantası (Takim Can Tasi) means Tool Bag.
  • Sallanmak (Sallan Mak) means Swing
  • Bay 44 (Bay 44) It means Mr 44.
  • Paket servisi (Pak Et Ser visi) It means Take Away.
  • Kara At (Kara At) It is used for Black Horse.
  • Bay Muhteşem (Bay Muh Tesem) It means Mr Gorgeous.

Turkish Nicknames For Guys

Looking for Turkish nicknames for guys? Don’t worry I got you covered,

In Turkey, most guys use nicknames to call each other in the streets and public gatherings. For Turkish guys, it’s a usual thing to call their best friends or their guys with nicknames.

When went out reserching about this cool tredition if ound out that turkish guys are more comfortable using or calling their firndes or colleges in office with nicknames.

Because believe it or not people and especially guys in Turkey are very cool and sweet, They are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met with.

Not only they are the sweetest guys, But they also use really very cool and sweet nicknames to call their buddies. They also give me the nickname Tereyağı Topu means (Butter Ball) sounds sweet right.

Now I’ve talked a lot, Below I’ve shared a list of Turkish nicknames for guys, You will get both funny, cool, and cute nicknames I found during my research. You can give these nicknames to any guy you want and be cool.

  • Angut (UN-GOOT) It is well known as Rudy Sheldrek, but you can say it as hammer-headed.
  • Armut (AR-MUTE) It means pear, but you can say it like a sucker in simple words.
  • Ayıcık (UH-YEA-JUKE) It means teddy.
  • Bukalemun (BOU-KHA-LEE-MOON) means chameleon.
  • Camış (JUM-ISH) means water.
  • Coni (JOHNNY) It is used for guys with American styles.
  • Çakal (CHUCK-AL) It means jackal and is widely used for bad guys.
  • Azman (UZ-MANN) means Monstrous.
  • Hırbo, Hırt (HIR-BO /HIRRED) It means stupid, commonly used for boring people.
  • İblis (E-BLIS) is known as the devil, oftentimes people say it as Satan.
  • İnek (E-NECK) means cow, but some people also use it as slang also known as cone head.
  • Kalas (KHA-LASSE) In general it is called a plank, But you can also use it in your slang as a dork.
  • Kelek (KHE-LECK) means Fickleness.
  • Kereste (KHE-REST-E) is known as a caveman.
  • Kılıbık (KHA-LA-BAKK) means henpecked husband.
  • Baba (BUH-BUH) As it sounds, It means Father.
  • Dana (DUH-NUH) means steer.

Funny Turkish Nicknames For Guys

Turkish guys use a lot of funny words in their nicknames, so if you are searching for funny Turkish nicknames for guys, then you hit the right spot. Below I’ve posted a list of funny Turkish nicknames for guys that will help you with choosing the right Turkish nicknames for guys.

  • Dingil (DIN-GILL) means axle tree.
  • Fil yavrusu (FILL YUV-RUE-SUE) means baby elephant, But some people also use it for fat guys.
  • Balta (BUL-TAH) commonly known as axe, but you can say a bumpkin.
  • Baykuş (BUY-KUSH) means owl, But it’s popular among late nighters and sleepwalkers.
  • Kılıbık (KHA-LA-BAKK) means henpecked husband, use for husbands.
  • Kobra (COBRA) means cobra, but people often say it as oscar.
  • Kova (CHO-WA) means bucket, It’s used for bad players in sports.
  • Köse (KEU-SAE) means beardless, It is used for guys with very little or no beard.
  • Matkap (MUT-CUP) means drill, popular in guys who jump a lot.
  • Öküz (EU-KUSE) This means hairy assed, It’s used to call hairy guys.
  • Pala (PUH-LUH) means machete, It’s for guys having a big mustach.
  • Tahta (TUHTUH) means wood, Used for guys with no skills.
  • Tavuk (THA-VUKE) means chicken, it’s used for early sleepers and cowards.
  • Tilki (THILKY) means fox, used for clever guys with a sharp mind.
  • Pislik (PISS-LICK) means dirt, It’s good for un Hygenic guys.
  • Sayko (PSYCHO) is slang, used for guys related to psychopathy.
  • Şopar (SHO-PARR) used for dancing geek guys.

Cool and Cute Turkish nciknames For Guys

Looking for cool and cute Turkish nicknames for guys? Calm down you are on the right place, here I have posted a cool list of cool Turkish nicknames for guys which will help you in your selection.

Below is the list of cool and cute Turkish nicknames for guys, choose your favorite nicknames to be a cooler guy.

  • Panpa (PAN-PA) It’s commonly used for buddies or besties.
  • Fırtına (FIR-THE-NAH) means storm, widely used for angry guys.
  • Maço (MACHO) As it sounds it’s macho, It is used for hairy macho guys.
  • Lord (LORD) means god, but people use it for powerful guys.
  • Sert çocuk (SERT CHO-JUKE) Its Slang word is Badass, people use this for tough guys.
  • Süpermen (SUPERMAN) It’s Superman for super guys.
  • Şaban (SHA-BUN) means plow, a lot of people use it for soft skinny guys.
  • Şampiyon (SHAM PION) means champion, popular among successful guys.
  • Paşam (PA SHUM) means my pass,
  • Çapkın (CHUP-KIN) means flirtatious, It’s for playboys who always flirt with girls.
  • Zeus (ZEUS) This nickname is for guys having a bossy attitude.
  • Yakışıklı (YAKA-SHAKH-LY) means handsome, It’s widely used for good-looking guys.
  • Pilot (PEE-LOT) means pilot, the one that flies the airplane.
  • Herkül (HARE-KEULE) means Hercules, it’s the Turkish version of Hercules.
  • Prens (PRANCE) means prince.
  • Rambo (RAMBO) means rambo.
  • Diger Yarim (Diger Ya Rim) means the other half, you can nickname it to your love.
  • Reis (RAY-IS) means chief and leader.
  • Sırık (SI-RIIK) means pole. it is used for tall guys.
  • Sünger (SUEN-GAIRE) means falcon, used for guys having big dreams.
  • Tembel Teneke (TAM-BEL TENEKKE) means lazy bone, used for lazy guys.

Turkish Nicknames For Girls

Searching for Turkish nicknames for girls? Don’t worry I have the solution to your needs.

Just like Turkish guys, Turkish girls are also very sweet and loving, and the fact is they also use cool and sweet nicknames to call each other in public gatherings and outside the home.

Nicknames are very common between Turkish girls as well as Turkish guys, But Turkish girls have some limitations while choosing nicknames for their friends.

Turkish girls are very loving that’s why they only use cute and sweet and words to call their loved ones. Often these nicknames could sound harsh, but they are trying to express love for other people.

Getting the perfect Turkish nicknames for girls can be very hard for a person who doesn’t know Turkish or doesn’t travel to Turkey at any point in life. But don’t worry, Below I’ve shared a list of Turkish nicknames for girls that will help you make the right decision.

  • Afet (UH-FAT) means destruction, people, or I would say girls used these nicknames to call beautiful girls.
  • Ahu (A-HU) means gazelle, this Turkish nickname is very popular among attractive woman.
  • Ajda (AJ-DA) means to sprout, it’s very common in girls.
  • Adile (ADI-LE) means fair, it is used for girls who are humble with other people.
  • Adalet (ADA-LET) means justice, it’s for girls who always seek and fight for justice.
  • Acelya (ACE-LYA) Azalea is used for soft beautiful girls.
  • Asuman (A-SUMAN) means sky, Use for fresh young flattering girls.
  • Aydan (AY-DAN) means from the moon, It’s used for beautiful white beauties.
  • Ayfer (AU-FER) means moonlight, It’s for bright girls working hard for their future.
  • Arzu (AR-ZU) means desire, used for most desirable girls.
  • Çitlembik (CHEAT-LAME-BICK) means berry, it’s used for sweet cute girls.
  • Afrodit (APHRODITE) is an ancient Greek goddess, It is used for beautiful people.
  • Minnoş (MEAN-NOSH) means darling, You can use it for your darling.
  • Kleopatra (CLEOPATRA) Its the ancient godess cleopatra, Use it on the well groom girls.
  • Şirine (SHE-RENEE) Its Smurfette.
  • Minik serçe (ME-NICK SEARCHE) It means Little Sparrow, You can use it on short cute little girls.

Funny Turkish Nicknames For Girls

As I said Turkish girls use a lot of funny nicknames to call their loved ones, So if you are also finding funny Turkish nicknames for girls, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below I’ve posted a list of funny Turkish nicknames for girls, These nicknames will help you in making a funny relation with Turkish girls. Choose your favorite and enjoy these nicknames.

  • Bedia (BE-DIA) It’s used for never seen before girls.
  • Bengi (BEN-GI) means eternal.
  • Beyza (BEY-ZA) means whiter, It is used for pure white girls.
  • Bilge (BIL-GE) means wise, it’s for girls with a lot of knowledge
  • Birdal (BIR-DAL) means one branch.
  • Burçak (BUR-CAK) It’s used for common vetch girls.
  • Cemre (CEM-RE) means high February temperature, It’s for angry girls.
  • Çağri (CAG-RI) means to call or invitation used to call girls.
  • Kankiş (CUN-KHISH) means best friend, you can use these nicknames to call your friend.
  • Kedicik (CADDY-JEEK) in general it means pussycat.
  • Kezban (KAZ-BAN) it’s used for girls from different countries.
  • Bonus kafa (BOO-NUSE KAPHA) It’s for girls having numerous curly hairs.
  • Safinaz (SAPHIE-NUZ) means olive oyl inspired by a cartoon character.
  • Limon (LEE-MON) It’s Lemon, It is popular for girls having beautiful blonde hair.
  • Zeytin (ZEI-TINE) means olives, It is used for girls with green beautiful eyes.
  • Taş (TUSH) means hard stone, used for hard girls.
  • Cadı (JUDDAH) means witch some people also say as bitch, It’s for bitches.
  • Bacaksız (BHU-JACK-SAZZ) means short legged, It is used for very short girls.

Cool & Cute Turkish Nicknames For Girls

Searching for cool and cute Turkish nicknames for girls? You hit the right spot, As I mentioned above Turkish girls are the sweetest and cutest girls you’ve ever seen anywhere.

They use a lot of cute nicknames to call each other, if you are finding cool Turkish nicknames for girls then stick with me. Here I’ve shared a list of cool and cute Turkish nicknames for girls that will help you engage more with that girl. Choose your favorite.

  • Yarma gül (YAR-MAE GUEL) It’s used for big huge girls having tall height.
  • Safinaz (SAPHIE-NUZ) means olive oil.
  • Leyla (LAILA) means the lover, It’s used for girls with a deep love for others.
  • Zilli (ZILL-LEE) It’s used for shrewish girls.
  • Çiler (CI-LER) It is used for girls having a cool attitude.
  • Damla (DAM-LA) means water drop, It is popular for soft cute girls.
  • Destan (DES-TAN) means legend, it’s used for legendary girls.
  • Dicle (DI-CLE) It’s the Tigris river.
  • Diler (DI-LER) means well-wisher, It’s used for good girls.
  • Ela (E-LA) means hazel, It’s commonly used for girls with beautiful hazel eyes.
  • Ekin (E-KIHN) means corn.
  • Emine (E-MINE) means trustworthy, It’s used for trustworthy girls.
  • Esmeray (ES-ME-RAY) means dark moon, It’s used for dark black-eyed girls.
  • Fatima (FAT-MA) Fatima was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
  • Ebru (EB-RU) means watering.
  • Dilruba (DIL-RU-BA) you can use this for girls who steal people’s hearts.
  • Çağla (CAG-LA) means fresh green almonds.
  • Cemile (CE-MILE) means kindness, It’s used for the kind and friendly girls.
  • Cahide (CA-HI-DE) means hardworking, It’s used for beautiful hardworking girls.

Turkish Nicknames For Boyfriend

Have a cool Turkish boyfriend? Finding Turkish nicknames for boyfriend, Not anymore I have what you want.

Turkish Girls are very sweet with their fellow girls, But They are also very loving with their boyfriends. Turkish Girls use a lot of cute beautiful words and Turkish nicknames to call their boyfriend.

They use a lot of funny cool nicknames and words with their boyfriends. If you want to give your Boyfriend a cool Turkish nickname then stay with me.

Here I’ve posted a huge collection of cool Turkish nicknames for boyfriend. Choose your cute Turkish nickname for your boyfriend and take your relationship to another level.

  • Adil (AA-DIL) means fair, It’s for guys who always fight for justice.
  • Adnan (AD-NAN) means two heavens, It’s a very common Turkish nickname among boyfriends.
  • Ahmet (AH-MET) means thanking god, It’s used for guys who always show gratitude.
  • Akcay (AK-CAY) means white creek.
  • Sevdam (SAVE-DAMME) means my love, You can give it to your love.
  • Asil (AA-SIL) means noble, It’s popular among noble guys and boyfriends.
  • Kuşum (KUSH-UHM) means my bird.
  • Aslan (AS-LAN) means lion, It’s used for brave-hearted guys.
  • Canım (JOHN-UHM) means sweetheart, You can use it for your honey.
  • Ayberk (AY-BERK) means full moon, You can give it to your beloved moon.
  • Baler (BA-LER) It used for guys who are made up of honey.
  • Aşkım (ASH-KIM) means beloved, It’s for loving boys and guys.
  • Bebetom (BABE-E-TOM) means my baby, you can name it to your loving baby boyfriend
  • Hayatım (HI-UTTAM) means my life, you can give it to the love of your life.
  • Prensim (PRANCE-EM) means prince, You can use it for your prince.
  • Maymunum (MY-MOON-UHM) means my monkey.
  • Canımın ötesi (JOHN-UHM-AN EU-TESSEE) It means deeper inside my heart.
  • Kralım (KRUHL-UHM) means my king.
  • Erkeğim (ERR-KEE-EEM) means my man, you can give it your man.
  • Çağlayanım (CHU-LAYAN-UHM) Its called my waterfall.
  • Kuşum (KUSH-UHM) means my bird.
  • Diğer yarım (DEE-ERR YUHR-UHM) Its know as my other half.
  • Sert çocuk (SAERT CHO-JUKE) This nickname is used to call tough boys.
  • Serseri aşığım (SAER-SERRY ASHA-UHM) It means my crazy lover.

Turkish Nicknames For GirlFriend

Looking for turkish nicknames for your beautiful girlfriend? youve come to right place.

Turkish boys are very cool and naughty with their girlfriends, they are just as cool with them just like their guy’s friends. They use a lot of cool Turkish nicknames to call their girlfriends.

They use a lot of loving, cute and sometimes funny words and nicknames to call their loved girlfriends. If you want to give your girlfriend these cute Turkish nicknames for your girlfriend then stick with me.

In this post I have shared my collection of Turkish nicknames for a girlfriend, You can use these Turkish nicknames to call your girlfriend. And create a special place in her heart.

  • Aysu (AY-SU) means moon water.
  • Aysun (AY-SUN) It’s used for girls as beautiful as the moon.
  • Ahu (A-HU) means beautiful eyes, It commonly used for beautiful eyed girls.
  • Bahar (BA-HAR) Means spring, It inspired by spring for beautiful girls.
  • Beril (BE-RIL) means a green gem.
  • Berfu (BER-FU) means snow queen, It’s used for beautiful white beauties.
  • Beria (BE-RIA) This nickname is used for a naturally lovely and sweet woman.
  • Bikem (BI-KEM) means darling, you can give it to your darling.
  • Elmas (EL-MAS) means diamond.
  • Cansu (CAN-SU) means the water of life.
  • Burcu (BUR-CU) It’s used for sweet-smelling fragrant girls.
  • Çiçek (CI-CEK) You can say it as flower.
  • Ece (E-CE) means queen, You can name it to the queen of your heart.
  • Güzelim (GUE-SELL-EM) means my beauty.
  • Şekerim (SHEKER-EM) people also say it as my sugar.
  • Meleğim (MEL-E-EM) Its meaning is my angle.
  • Prensesim (PRAN-SAS-EM) means my princess.
  • Kraliçem (KRUHL-EACH-EM) means my queen.
  • Hatun kişi (KHA-TUNE KISHY) means the lady, you can say it as my lady.
  • Bal dudak (BUL DUE-DUCK) means honey lips, It used for girls having juicy lips.
  • Tatlım (TUT-LAHM) It’s well known as my sweetie.
  • Yarim (YUHR-EM) means my love.
  • Çiçeğim (CHE-CHEEM) It’s popular as my flower.
  • Aşkitom (ASH-KEE-TOM) means my sweet love.
  • Bebek (BAE-BECK) means my baby, you can give it to your baby.
  • Sultanım (SULTAN-UHM) means my sultan.


So that’s all, for now, folks, I hope that now you have an idea of how Turkish people use these nicknames in their daily life to call each other. They use a lot of cute sweet words to communicate and talk with each other in society.

I hope that you like my collection of Turkish nicknames, And you have chosen a cool and cute Turkish nickname for your guy or girl. If you like it then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on social media share it with your Turkish friends so they can surprise other friends.

If you’ve heard some more funny cute Turkish nicknames from your family and friends than feel free to share your suggestion with me with the audience. If you have chosen your favorite Turkish nickname form this list then comment your nickname below. Have a Fun Day.

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