Blue Eyes Nicknames | Funny Cool Nicknames For Blue Eyes Guys & Girls

Blue Eyes Nicknames | 91+ Funny Cool Nicknames For Blue Eyes Guys & Girls

Blue Eyes Nicknames | Looking for nicknames for blue eyes? Don’t worry, You are in the right place. Here I’ve shared my list of nicknames for blue-eyed people.

It’s easy to overlook blue eyes when it comes to nicknames. After all, blue is just one of many colors. But blue-eyed people are unique.

They have a unique eye color that sets them apart from the rest. If you have blue eyes or know someone who does, here are some funny cool nicknames for blue-eyed guys and girls.

Origin Of Blue Eyes

Some researchers think that the first blue eyes were from people in Northern Europe and Asia. They developed lighter skin than those who had darker skin. The reason is because of a mutation in the gene OCA2, which controls how much melanin is produced.

Some people say that blue-eyed populations might have descended from Europeans with light hair or blue-eyed folks with brown hair. It is also possible that they came from Africa.

What Causes Blue Eyes?

What can cause blue eyes is a variation in pigmentation of the iris of the eye. Some people are born with more melanin, which gives skin, hair, and eyes their color.

This pigment is called melanin. When some people are born with more melanin, they have darker skin, darker hair, or browner eyes.

The less melanin someone has, the more light will shine through their irises and make them appear lighter in color at first glance.

This makes some parts of the world see blue eyes. This is because there is not enough light to show what the person’s actual eye color is.

Funny Blue Eyed Nicknames For Blue Eyes

Funny Blue Eyed Nicknames For Blue Eyes
Funny Blue Eyed Nicknames For Blue Eyes

Searching for funny nicknames for blue eyes? Don’t panic. You are in the right section. Here I’ve posted my collection of funny blue-eyed nicknames for blue eyes.

Funny nicknames for blue eyes come from a more or less common understanding of what different colors mean.

In every culture, the color of your eye is seen as an extension of who you are. People have named many colors to describe those with this trait.

Here I will list some exciting nickname ideas for blue eyes that may help you choose a nickname for someone special in your life if they happen to be blessed with beautiful blue eyes.

If your blue-eyed friends have blonde hair, you must check out my list of blonde hair nicknames for more fantastic ideas. You can also read my list of nicknames for green eyes and brown eyes to get more ideas.

  • Blue Moon – If their eyBlue Moon – If their eyes really do seem so rare and exotic, it would stand to reason that they almost appear once in a blue moon.
  • Smurf – The Smurfs were little guys known far and wide because they all had blue skin and white hair.
  • Sparkle Pup – This one is for those who like their blue eyes just as much when it comes to animals.
  • Big Bad Wolf – The famous fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood has been told many times. Perhaps this nickname will inspire them to say to you a new version.
  • Frozen – This might be the most common and widely used one of all! Anyone who has seen Disney’s Frozen knows that Elsa possesses eyes as blue as ice.
  • Blue Eyes – There is something special about simple nicknames like these, which can be easily adapted for more casual conversation.
  • Blueberry – No, this isn’t a sweet treat that you can eat. A blueberry is someone with dark hair and light eyes.
  • Frosty – It’s a play off the line from the famous song, except this time it’s “Let It Go!”
  • Twilight – The Twilight series features a main character named Bella who has beautiful blue eyes. This is one of several vampire-related nicknames in a similar vein.
  • Blue Angel – Like many others on the list, this pick is inspired by a fairy tale character with blue eyes. In German folklore, an angel called Wieland had sapphire eyes and was almost too good to be true.
  • Pat Blue Eyes – Any cat lover will appreciate these words of endearment for their beloved feline companion!
  • Lucky Charm – This nickname makes reference to blue being lucky or said to bring good luck in a variety of cultures.
  • Smurfette – If you want to go for something more fun and less obvious, try this one out. It’s a variation on the original Smurf nickname.
  • Lucky Blue Eyes – This cute name is an ode to all their past choices that have brought them good fortune.
  • Blue Moon Rising – Another reference to the rare beauty of blue eyes that only seem to appear once in a blue moon!
  • Blue Eyes – This is another variation on the very simple but straightforward approach, which may be too basic for some.
  • Perfect – This pick is a great option when they seem to meet all your expectations and desires in a partner. Their blue eyes are a wonderful match for your good looks!
  • Famous Blue-Eyed People – Hillary Swank, Naomi Watts, Tom Cruise, Abraham Lincoln.
  • Aviator Goggles – We’ve never seen anyone wear these classic movie accessories in real life… until now?
  • Navy Boy/Girl – The color synonymous with the ocean at night, this nickname might evoke pleasant memories of tropical locales or their deep sense of inner peace.

Blue Eyes Nicknames For Guys With Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes Nicknames For Guys With Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes Nicknames For Guys With Blue Eyes

Are you looking for blue-eyed guys nicknames for blue-eyed boyfriends? Don’t worry. In this post, I’ve shared my list of nicknames for guys and boyfriends with blue eyes.

Sometimes, you meet a guy with blue eyes and can’t help but think he is as calm as the ocean. At that moment, your heart starts to race, and you begin to see them everywhere.

These guys are often referred to by their blue-eyed guy nicknames, making it even easier for girls like us to communicate with blue-eyed guys.

I have compiled a list of my favorite nicknames for guys with blue eyes. You can use these nicknames for boyfriends with blue eyes to impress your partner.

Also Read, my list of black eyed nicknames and nicknames for hazel eyes. If the guys is tall the must check nicknames for tall guys for more nickname ideas.

  • The Arctic – If your guy’s eyes are as blue as the Arctic, then this is a cute nickname.
  • Aegean – Aegean Sea is known to be one of the most beautiful seas in the world, so if his eyes remind you of it, it would definitely be an exciting name!
  • Alabaster – means that he has pale skin if he is very fair, but with light blue eyes.
  • Alaskan – If his eyes are as clear and bright as Alaska, a frozen land at the North Pole, this is a good nickname.
  • Albatross – His eyes are as deep and blue as the ocean. Some may even say it’s like looking into an Albatross’ eye that can see through your soul.
  • Alpine – If his eyes remind you of the color of snow at the top of a mountain, then this could be the perfect nickname for him.
  • Blue-Eyed Soul – A lovely nickname for a blue-eyed boyfriend.
  • Blue-Eyed Demon – It’s good for bad guys with blue eyes.
  • Blueman – If blue is his favorite color and he likes to wear it all the time, or if he has a lot of Blueman in his wardrobe, then this could be an exciting name to use.
  • Blurple – A mixture of blue and purple mixed together to create Blurple.
  • Bolt from the Blue – For the guy whose eyes are as bright blue as lightning bolts flashing in a stormy sky.
  • Bluebeard – Don’t forget about pirates with blue eyes.
  • Blueberry Eyes – How sweet! This one is good for a guy with blue eyes and a light eye circle.

Blue Eyed Nicknames For Boyfriend With Blue Eyes

Blue Eyed Nicknames For Boyfriend With Blue Eyes
Blue Eyed Nicknames For Boyfriend With Blue Eyes

Here I’ve shared a list of nicknames for boyfriend with blue eyes. So if you have a boyfriend with blue eyes, You can use these blue eyed boyfriend nicknames to give him a surprise.

  • Blueberry – A cute nickname for a guy with blue eyes, especially if he has red hair and freckles.
  • Navy – This classic color of the biggest military in the world can be used to describe your boyfriend’s beautiful, deep blue eyes.
  • Polar Bear – If his skin is ashen and his eyes are as deep and dark as a polar bear’s, then this would be such an adorable nickname for him!
  • Sea Eyes – nicknames like these always make great options when it comes to naming your blue-eyed boyfriend because they’re often sweet yet unusual at the same time.
  • Translucent Blue – If his eyes are as clear and blue as transparent glass, then you should definitely use this nickname for him.
  • Winter Sky – If the color of his eyes reminds you of a winter sky just before it snows, then he’d really love to hear you call him by this name!
  • Sky – There’s nothing better than having a nickname that reminds your boyfriend how much he means to you. 
  • Bluey/Blu – For those who like classic names.
  • Cat Eyes – If his eyes give off a cat-like vibe, they can be sweet and seductive.
  • Monaco – If your guy’s blue eyes sparkle as bright as the color of the Mediterranean Sea, then Monaco would be a perfect nickname for him!
  • Nubian – A unique name for dark-skinned boys with blue eyes.
  • Seahorse – Seahorse is a sea creature that has large eyes, just like your guy.
  • Spruce – If his eye color reminds you of spruce tree needles, then this nickname could be perfect!
  • Swiss Alps – A cute name for fair-haired guys.
  • Denim – For a cool, blue-eyed guy.
  • Zaffre – A deep blue pigment made from cobalt, zaffre is often used to make glass and glazes. It also sounds very similar to the word azure which would be a great alternative if zaffre isn’t entirely his style.
  • Ocean – If his eyes resemble the sea with its vastness and beauty, then this nickname could definitely work for him.
  • Cobalt – A deep, rich shade of blue that’s reminiscent of your guy’s beautiful eyes.
  • Turquoise – If he has blue eyes but likes to wear shiny earrings or pendants set in silver, then maybe you can call him this sweet name.

Blue Eyed Nicknames For Girls With Blue Eyes

Blue Eyed Nicknames For Girls With Blue Eyes
Blue Eyed Nicknames For Girls With Blue Eyes

In search of nicknames for girls with blue eyes? Calm down. Your hunt is over. Here I’ve shared my list of blue-eyed girls nicknames for girlfriends.

Blue-eyed girls get a lot of attention from guys who love to admire their beautiful eyes. It’s easy to see why blue is such an attractive color, and lucky for us ladies, we can use it as the perfect excuse to get away with anything!

Blue eyes are rare, but they can be lovely. They come in many different shades, from the lightest baby blue to the deepest navy blue.

Whether you have clear ice-blue eyes or deep cobalt eyes, there is a nickname for you.

In this post, I’ve posted my list of nicknames for girl’s blue eyes. You can also use these nicknames for a girlfriend with blue eyes.

  • Blue Diamonds – This is an excellent nickname for girls with deep blue eyes.
  • Blue Eyes – This one works if your ex-boyfriend has these beautiful blues and you want to think of him every time you look into the mirror.
  • Blue Ice – The perfect name for those who love winter, snow, or just plain cold weather.
  • Ice Blue – If she’s as cool as ice, this must be the best nicknames for a girlfriend with blue eyes.
  • Peepers – A classic, but it still never fails to make her giggle.
  • Peekaboo – I see you, baby girl.
  • Ice Princess – If she’s as cold and beautiful as ice, this must be the perfect nickname for her.
  • Lonely Star – If your girlfriend has sky-blue eyes, you can also call her star because everyone loves to stare at one.
  • Snowflake – This is a cute name if she looks like snowflakes in winter or just loves them so much that she always carries some with her all year long… even in summer!
  • Sleepy Blue – Perfect for those who love to take naps throughout the day away from prying blue eyes that may try to watch over their every move.
  • Cherry Pie – A yummy name, especially if you know what color lips go best on this girl?
  • Winter Sky – If she loves the winter season and all it entails, this is a great nickname.
  • Snow Angel – If you think of your girlfriend as beautiful as an angel who can make snowfall from heaven, then this is definitely one to use on her.
  • Powder Blue – This may work if she thinks that powder blue eyes are pretty or if hers happen to be like little bits of shimmering powder.

Blue Eyed Nicknames For Girlfriend With Blue Eyes

Blue Eyed Nicknames For Girlfriend With Blue Eyes
Blue Eyed Nicknames For Girlfriend With Blue Eyes

In this post, I’ve shared a list of nicknames for girlfriend with blue eyes. So if you have a boyfriend with blue eyes, You can use these blue eyed girlfriend nicknames to impress your girlfriend.

  • Crystal Clear – A charming name for those whose eyes sparkle every time they smile at you, even when they’re sad!
  • Caribbean Sea – Perfect for girls with fantastic ocean blue eyes that remind you of the Caribbean sea whenever their gaze meets yours!
  • Nova – This works well, mainly because Nova means “new,” and she is new to your life.
  • Lakes – If her eyes remind you of deep blue lakes, then this must be the best nicknames for a girlfriend with blue eyes that will make her blush every time it’s used!
  • Sky – Perfect if your girl loves the sky, clouds, and everything associated with them… who knows, maybe she even has a dream about flying away like a bird.
  • Crystal – An excellent name for those whose eyes shine as bright as crystals in sunlight or moonlight. Search no more; we have compiled our list of nicknames for girl’s blue eyes.
  • Azure Eyes – A good name for a blue-eyed girl is Azure.
  • Navy Blue – Another classic nickname that has stood the test of time and will never fail to make her blush!
  • Baby Blues – If she looks as innocent as a baby, this must be one of those nicknames for a girlfriend with blue eyes you can’t help but think about when looking into those pretty eyes.
  • Ocean Eyes – works perfectly because the ocean reminds us of a deep sea where everything seems calm and peaceful yet mysterious too!
  • Dreamy Eyes – Perfects names for girls who always seem to have their head in the clouds or are walking around with a distant gaze like there is no tomorrow.
  • Sky Eyes – Perfect for those whose eyes are as blue as the sky and remind you of a clear sunny day.
  • Waters – A good name if your girlfriend is from near or by the sea!
  • Sea Blue – If she happens to have both deep blue eyes and green eyes.
  • Passionate Blue – This may just be perfect for girls who love passionately, whether about something they do in life or someone special… like you!
  • Precious Blue – For all those precious gems out there! Your girl deserves nothing less than being called priceless, so why not call her Precious?
  • Sapphire Eyes – This is an excellent name for girls with eyes as deep and blue as sapphires.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Perfect if her eyes reminded you of this precious stone.
  • Powder – If your girl looks like powder (and I mean the cosmetic kind), then why not call her by that? It may sound cute to others, too, because honestly, who doesn’t love looking at someone covered in fine white dust?!
  • Euphoria – Another good name if she makes you feel giddy all over every time you catch sight of those beautiful blues.

FAQs For Blue Eyes Nicknames

What do you call a blue-eyed girl?

There are many nicknames for blue eyed girls, that you can use to call them or you can use them to start a conversation, few of them are below.

Saphire Eyes
Sea Blue
Ms Blue
Baby Blue
Sky Eyes

What are blue-eyed names?

Blue Eyed Names are names or nicknames that you can use for girls or guys having blue eyes.

What is the meaning of blue eyes?

It has been acknowledged as a symbol of purity and innocence as well as one of wisdom.

One explanation is that they were seen as indicative of spiritual awareness, since the root word for blue is “bleu”, which came to mean aware and awake in medieval French.
Another interpretation suggests it stems from “blue blood” and reflects the fact that those with this coloration outranked those without it; yet another may be that we found blue alluring rather than off-putting.


So that’s all for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of blue-eyed nicknames for people with blue eyes, And I hope It helped you come up with some creative name ideas for blue eyes.

Blue Eyes nicknames can be tough to find, which is why I’ve compiled a list of the best ones for you. Whether it’s your name or someone else’s, these are guaranteed not to disappoint.

As you can see, there are plenty of different types of names to call someone with blue eyes.

Whether they be blue eyes nicknames for guys or girls, these nicknames will make them feel unique and loved by their friends. What is your favorite nickname? Let us know in the comments below!

If you have more cool nicknames for blue-eyed guys and girls in your mind, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

If you like my collection of nicknames for blue-eyed boyfriend and girlfriend, Please spread the love by sharing this list with your blue-eyed friends and family on social media.

I appreciate your feedback, see you next time, till then have a nice lovely day.

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