Beard Nicknames | Funny Cool Nicknames For Beards

Beard Nicknames | 151+ Funny & Cool Nicknames For Beards

Beard Nicknames | Looking for nicknames for Beard? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Here I’ve shared my list of nicknames for beards.

Do you have a beard? If so, then chances are that someone has called it something else other than a beard.

There are beard nicknames for every type of Beard. Whether you have a beard that is bushy and out-of-control or one that is neatly trimmed, there will be a nickname to suit your Beard.

Some nicknames may even help you find the perfect beard style for your face shape.

We will explore beard nicknames in this post and hopefully find some new ones for your Beard to call its own.

Beard Nicknames And Names For Beard

Beard Nicknames And Names For Beard
Beard Nicknames And Names For Beard

Searching for nicknames and names for beards? Calm down here. I’ve shared my list of nicknames and names for beards.

You can call your Beard many different names and give it a nickname. Some people even choose to name their Beard after someone they know or love, like their father, grandfather, brother, etc.

You probably haven’t heard of other nicknames for beards, but we will go over those as well! Keep reading if you want to learn more about the best kinds of handles for beards out there!

Here are some of the names that you might want to call your Beard.

  • Beard – This is one way to refer to full-grown-out facial hair. However, it does not have any affectionate tone behind it.
  • Man Beard – A man’s Beard can be used as an alternative for calling someone their ‘man.,’ e.g., “Hey guys! Look at my new Man-beard!” or “I’m going to grow a big man-beard.”
  • The Duck Tail – This type of Beard has parts that are shaved. You can see it in shape when you look at it from the side.
  • The Freestyle – this is a very long beard that has no specific form. It looks untamed and messy, resembling the freedom of your spirit.
  • Handlebar Moustache – This type of mustache is called a handlebar mustache. It has hairs that grow out in all directions. You can move these hairs with your hand to make them bigger or curl them up at the ends.
  • Duck Tail Handle Bar – A combination of Duck Tails and Handle Bars which makes an excellent style.
  • The Garibaldi – This is a style of Beard that has been named after Giuseppe Garibaldi (Italian general and politician).
  • Hipster Beard – A technique is wearing a mustache and a soul patch under your lower lip. You shave your cheeks and chin hair running from ear to ear.
  • The Lincoln – This is the name given to a beard covering the whole chin, jawline, and neck like Abraham Lincoln’s (former US President) facial hair.
  • The Mutton Chops – This type of mustache has thick sideburns. They end at the ear level. It got this nickname because English butchers had to deal with cold weather, so they grew their mutton-chop whiskers for warmth.
  • Dali Moustache – The Dali mustache was named after Salvador Dali, who wore one himself, although he created it first in 1920. But it wasn’t until later years that people started calling them “theali.” 
  • A Stash – This is a term for beards that are long and oval-shaped. They are called this because they look like you store your money and jewelry in them.
  • Vandyke Beard – A mustache with pointy ends. This facial hairstyle was named after Anthony van Dyck who was famous for his paintings wearing one himself.
  • Royal Beard – A mustache can be worn by someone called “royal,” like Prince Harry. He had to shave it off when he went on duty for the military but then grew it again while still taking part in royal engagements.
  • Handlebar Moustache – A cool nickname for your Beard.

Funny Beard Nicknames For Beard

Funny Beard Nicknames For Beard
Funny Beard Nicknames For Beard

Hi folks, finding funny beard nicknames for Beard? Don’t worry, Here I’ve posted my collection of funny nicknames for Beard.

Do you have a funny beard? If so, then chances are that someone has called it something other than just “beard.”

Whether you have a funky-looking beard or one that is tidy, there will be an appropriate name for it! Some may even help determine the best kind of curly hairstyle for your face shape.

In this post, will explore interesting, fun-loving, funny nickname ideas for your Beard.

  • Bristle Brush Beard – Bristle Brush Beard can make sense if the ends curl up like bristles on a brush.
  • Crusty Beard – A crusty beard is a dry and flaky one.
  • Disaster Zones – If your Beard covers most of the face, it can be called Disaster Zones.
  • Exercise Equipment – One with thick and bushy sideburns reminds us of exercise equipment like barbells or dumbbells etc.
  • Facial Furniture – This nickname isn’t exactly funny but still worth considering.
  • Father Time – The Father Time name for a man’s grey Beard comes from all those years passing by while he grew his graying facial hair! That’s a lot of time! 
  • Full Beard – If your Beard covers the whole chin and jaw, it is a Full Beard. This is not to be confused with a Goatee which only has hair underneath the bottom lip area.
  • Goatie – When you have hair on the lower part of your face under your mouth and not on the upper part of your face where a mustache is, that’s what we call Goatie.
  • Hipster Beard – Hipsters are trendy, and they like their mustaches long and scraggly looking, according to some people.
  • Jawline Beard – People who have beards that follow the jawline and connect with their sideburns are said to have Jawline Beards.  
  • Klingon Beard – If you don’t know what a Klingon is, they originated from Star Trek, which means this name makes total sense,
  • Lip Curl Beard – When people grow out in-between facial hair on their upper lip (like mustaches).
  • Lumberjack Beard – If you have a thick and bushy beard, it may remind some of those who work as lumberjacks.
  • Badass Beard – it is one of the most common styles for men who want to grow their facial hair. It is often worn by those with confident personalities and an impressive sense of self-worth; thus, its nickname ‘badass.’
  • The Grizzly – A beard that looks like a bear’s fur is called a bear’s Beard. This type of Beard has thick or coarse whiskers, just like the grizzly bears have on their coats.
  • Hobbit Beard – Hobbits are very hairy creatures. Some people like to call it Hobbit Beards because they have long hair that looks crazy. But Hobbits are primarily lovely people too!
  • The Don Johnson – This style is named after actor Don Johnson.

Cool Nicknames For Beard

Cool Nicknames For Beard
Cool Nicknames For Beard

Are you looking for cool beard nicknames for Beard?

Do not worry. Here, I have shared a list of the most trendy cool names to call your Beard.

You can give yourself or any other bearded dude out there a nickname using one of these self-given interesting, creative ones!

Some people think it is fun to name their beards after something that represents them. If they are into fishing or hunting, then calling their beard fish hunter might just sound right up their alley!

There are so many different things around us we could use as inspiration when thinking about what kind of unique name we should give our facial hair.

This article will explore some great ideas for naming your mustache, etc.

Here’s my collection of cool beard nicknames, Use these cool nicknames for Beard and be calm.

  • The Professor – This might sound like an old man’s name, but trust me, it does not have to be. This nickname is excellent for the dude with a huge beard and who knows more about it than anyone else!
  • The Viking – If your Beard is long, thick, white-blonde, or red, this one might suit you perfectly! The Viking name goes along with all of those characteristics.
  • The Godfather – Another old-school name that can actually apply to many different kinds of beards. If you have a long, thick, dark beard, this name could work perfectly for it!
  • The Boss – This one is really straightforward but still excellent nonetheless. The boss can either be your friend or someone who wears their facial hair in an epic way like no other. 
  • The Legend – This name is the most epic of them all. If you have a beard that has gone through many battles and still lives to tell about it, then this might be the perfect nickname for your facial hair!
  • Smokin’ Joe Frazier – For people who like boxing, they may want to call their Beard after one of the best boxers ever. His name was Joe Frazier.
  • The Grizzly – If your Beard is thick, dark, and long, then you might want to call it The Grizzly. 
  • The Dogfather – If your facial hair is long and wide, then this might just be the right name for you! The dog father can go along with any last names that have “dog” in them. This nickname would work great for those who also own a pit bull or some other kind of tough-looking pooch.
  • The Drifter – This nickname can be given to anyone with a beard but does not necessarily want it.
  • Lone Wolf – It could have something to do with fabulous, mysterious, etc., so why not call them “lone wolf”? 
  • The Giver – This name works for any kind of Beard too! If you give others or just have great-looking facial hair, then the giver is the perfect nickname.

Red Beard Nicknames For Ginger Beards

Red Beard Nicknames For Ginger Beards
Red Beard Nicknames For Ginger Beards

In search of red beard nicknames? Calm down, here I’ve posted my collection of red beard nicknames for ginger beards.

Do you have a red beard? If yes, then I guess that someone has called it something else other than red.

There are red beard nicknames for every type of red Beard like strawberry red, ginger red, etc.

Some people might even help determine the best kind of hairstyle to suit your face shape! Read this article carefully if you want to get more ideas about cool names for ginger beards or any other color.

So, I’ve decided to compile all the best Redbeard names out there to make sure we never let any lousy beard nickname slip by us.

In this post, we will explore some great Red Beard Nicknames For Ginger Beards out there. Just keep scrolling down.

  • Strawberry red – if your red Beard has a pinkish tint to it, then this is the perfect name for you! It’s one of my favorite red beards.
  • Gingerbread – ginger hair and red Beard go hand-in-hand like peas and carrots, so why not call them both like they are related? 
  • Scarlet O’Hara – If your face feels hot when you have a full red beard, maybe because it matches your fiery personality too well.
  • Cl – Blood color or wine color. This red beard name sounds really cool.
  • Hulk Hogan – if your red facial hair looks like the color of Hulk Hogan’s mustache, then you should be proud because it is an adorable red beard.
  • Tintin – perfect for ginger boys with freckles and red eyebrows too! What do you think?
  • Crimson – red like blood. I think this name is quite popular among red-beard men.
  • Firecrotch – if you are redheaded and have red facial hair, then it’s time to be proud of your fire crotch! But honestly, how can someone go wrong with a red beard? No one has ever had too much ginger in their life (or at least that I know!)
  • Scarlet red – red like a red flag.
  • Red Tide – red beards and red eyes? This is the perfect name for you! 
  • Firebrand– ginger beards might look fiery, so why not call them Firebrands?
  • Crimson King – named after a character in the comic book series The Dark Tower. A really cool Red Beard Nickname For Ginger Beards, if I do say so myself. 
  • Lemmy Kilmister – Lemmy is a founder of a heavy metal band. Lemmy sings and plays bass with the band Motörhead. He also played with Hawkwind, another rock band.
  • Red Dragon – red like a red dragon.
  • Robin Redbeard – perfect for ginger red beards and redheads everywhere! 
  • Rhett Butler – you can’t go wrong with Scarlett O’Hara’s love interest from the book Gone With The Wind as your red beard nickname, right? I think it is fair to say that this one truly speaks for itself.
  • Warlord – do you look like some kind of leader when sporting your red facial hair? If so, then maybe warlord is an appropriate name for those who lead by example and have red beards, which could pass off as fiery almost.
  • Ramirez – if someone called me Ramirez just because of my red Beard, I would take it as a compliment. 
  • Panther – red like the color of panther fur, which is why this red beard name works well with ginger facial hair! 
  • Viking – A great nickname for a Redbeard hero.

Long Beard Nicknames For Big Long Beard

Long Beard Nicknames For Big Long Beard
Long Beard Nicknames For Big Long Beard

Are you looking for long beard nicknames for your big long Beard? Don’t worry. You are in the right direction. Here I’ve posted my collection of nicknames for big long beards.

So, you have a long beard?

Do you know that long beards are considered the coolest among all men? Men with long beards look dashing and manly.

Long hair is just se*y as hell if it’s on a guy who has excellent style because not every one of us can handle having this kind of length in our facial locks.

But don’t worry, there are many ways to make your long Beard even better looking. Here I’ve listed some nicknames for big long Beard. Keep scrolling down.

  • Rapunzel Beard – If he looks like he could effortlessly tie someone up in his copious amounts of facial fluff, then this nickname works well too. If they’re an art history buff, too, then all the better!
  • Ol’ Faithful – This long Beard is so long, you can go camping with it! This nickname makes reference to the famous dog who saved all of those lives in Alaska.
  • Lumberjack Beard – He’s got a long beard, just like the lumberjacks have long beards and tatted arms. If he works hard on his facial hair, then this might be fitting for him.
  • The Librarian – You don’t want him to think he can check your books when he has that Beard.
  • Sideburns – are also known as Burnzies, which means they are another nickname for big long Beard.
  • Hipster Beard – If long beards are cooler, then this one has to be the king of long long long long long…you get it. If he’s rocking a full-bodied hipster style, then this nickname will surely fit him well.
  • King of Long Beard – Longbeards are considered to be the coolest among all men. Men with long beards look more dashing and manly. Long hair is just se*y as hell if it’s on a guy who has an excellent style.
  • Wildman Beard – If someone looks like they could make you feel safe or gentle with their facial hair, call them a long beard. If they are good at art history too, that would be even better!
  • The Preacher – This long Beard is so long, you can go camping with it! This longbeard nickname references the famous dog who saved lives in Alaska and is also known as Ol’ Faithful Longbeards.
  • Bee’s Nest – He’s got a long beard, just like the beekeeper has long beards and tatted arms. If he works hard on his facial hair, then this might be fitting for him. Longbeard nicknames for big long Beard keep scrolling down!
  • Rugged Beard – If your man looks like he could effortlessly tame you with his copious amounts of facial fluff, then this nickname is right up his alley. If they’re an art history buff, too, then all the better!
  • Biblical Beard – long beards are considered the coolest among all men. Longbeard has got many nicknames such as Rapunzel, Ol’ Faithful Longbeard, and so on.
  • Moses – A cool sweet nickname for long beards.
  • The Fisherman – If someone has a lot of facial hair, they might also be called a longbeard.
  • Cave Man – got a long beard just like the long beard men have long beards and tatted arms. If he works hard on his facial hair, then this might be fitting for him.
  • The Greek God of longbeards – A cool sweet nickname for long beards
  • Norseman – If your man looks like he could effortlessly tame you with his copious amounts of facial fluff, then this longbeard is right up his alley. If they’re an art history buffs, too, all the better!
  • Aragorn – He’s got a long beard just like Aragon.

Grey Beard Nicknames For Grey White Beards

Grey Beard Nicknames For Grey White Beards
Grey Beard Nicknames For Grey White Beards

Looking for grey beard nicknames for grey-white Beard? Don’t worry. Your hunt is over. Here I’ve shared my collection of nicknames for greybeards.

For some men, being called a greybeard is an honor. These individuals have been around for a while and thus know more about life than just younger people’s interests or problems!

A nickname for a grey beard is a term that someone calls you when they like your hair or style.

People use many different categories when referring to this type of legend, such as grandpa status and wisdom.

Below I’ve shared my list of nicknames for greybeards. Choose your nickname.

  • Santa Claus – A cool nickname for greybeards.
  • Grey Wolf – For solid people.
  • Grey Fox – For a clever grey beard man.
  • White Wolf – The courageous one.
  • Grandpa – For greybeard with grey hair and wrinkles.
  • Silver Fox – Nickname for intelligent people.
  • Grey Lion – The brave one.
  • Papa Smurf – For greybeards having grey hair and white Beard with blue eyes.
  • Little Johnny – Don’t call him little johnny because he is older than other old people in his family. You can use it when you have to or if you want to.
  • Graybeard – For greybeards having grey hair and white Beard with no wrinkles.
  • Grandpa G – A unique nickname for greybeards.
  • Silverback – Nickname for greybeard who is the head of family or group.
  • Oldtimer – If someone has a gray beard, they are called an “oldtimer.” But some people don’t like to be called that. So make sure you ask before calling them that.
  • Whitebeard – A greybeard who has a white beard without grey hairs or wrinkles can also be called an old man! 
  • Doorman – Some people have blue eyes. They are great protectors and doormen.
  • Hulk Hogan – A greybeard nickname for wrestlers and other sportspeople having grey hair and white Beard with big hands, muscles, etc.
  • Santa Claus – For elderly people who are known for hiding gifts under Christmas trees.
  • Bear Grylls – If you know someone, hurt that person because he always comes back alive even when there is danger.
  • Teddy Roosevelt is an excellent Grey Beard Nickname given to an American president during his time by Rudyard Kipling.

Beard Nicknames For Guys With Beards

Beard Nicknames For Guys With Beard
Beard Nicknames For Guys With Beards

Searching for nicknames for bearded guys? Don’t worry. You hit the right spot. In this post, I’ve posted my collection of nicknames for guys with beards.

A beard is an excellent idea when you want to be taken seriously and stand out from the crowd.

But what if your facial hair doesn’t have any depth? It’s time for nicknames! We all know that though there are hundreds of names available.

Below I’ve mentioned my list of cool nicknames for bearded guys. You can use these beard guy nicknames for your bearded friend.

  • Beardy – For a man who has an abundance of facial hair, and he’s proud.
  • Beardster – The perfect name for the bearded guy in your life!
  • Cheeky Beard – A cheeky nickname was given to guys with beards because they can’t help but smile when looking at their beards!
  • Hairy – A perfect name for a bearded man who is naturally hirsute.
  • Mr. Beard – This nickname will make him feel like an old-school gentleman!
  • Beardie – For the guy with a big beard and personality to match it!
  • The Duck Commander/King/Lord of The Fluffers – Because he’s pretty much ruling all that hair on his face! 
  • Greaser – If your guy has long sideburns or waxes his Beard up into two points, this one would be suitable.
  • Papa Bear – An adorable way to call out someone as the protective older male figure in your life without sounding too serious about it.
  • Toddler Tamer – Perfect for guys whose beards are just beginning to grow in.
  • The Undertaker – This is for someone who keeps his Beard short and neat, or if he shaves it entirely regularly.
  • Morticia Addams – A perfect name for the guy with hair that’s long enough to twirl! 
  • Mancandy – If your man has more facial hair than you can account for, this nickname would be great!
  • Mr. Cleanface – Perfect nickname for guys wearing clean-shaven faces all year round! 
  • Big Daddy Beardie Face – For the bearded dad in your life who keeps everything under control.
  • Master Of The Opera Lyrics/Opera Singer – Because no one knows how to sing ‘da braddahs’ quite like him!
  • The Big Bad Wolf – A name for the guy who is a bit of a rogue with his Beard. 
  • Berlin/Sweeney Todd – For guys whose beards are perfectly groomed and always look beautiful to touch or play around with.

Beard Nicknames For Bearded Boyfriend

Beard Nicknames For Bearded Boyfriend
Beard Nicknames For Bearded Boyfriend

Tired of finding nicknames for bearded boyfriends? Don’t worry, you are at the right place here. I’ve posted my list of nicknames for Boyfriends with beards.

Have you found your dream guy, but he has a beard? Does it matter to you or not? No! Because the name says everything about the person who wears it, first make sure his name is cool enough to carry this kind of facial hair.

But what if it is not your choice? You can change it by giving him a nickname that suits his personality and looks. Everyone deserves an excellent nickname based on their appearance.

So, just scroll down below. Have fun while reading nicknames for bearded boyfriends. Keep scrolling down.

  • Beard Face – This nickname goes very well with the man who has a long beard.
  • Bearded Lover – For your lovey boyfriend.
  • Beard-o – This nickname is perfect for men with beards of medium length, and they look amazing on him too!
  • Facial Hair Face – If your guy’s facial hair does not match his face, then this nick may seem odd, but it’s actually hilarious.
  • Big Beardie Bear – A great nickname if he keeps his Beard looking immaculate every day! A big bear always looks good in its fur coat, so why won’t yours?
  • Outlaw With No-Shave – A great name to give him because he will never need to shave again.
  • Professional Beard Grower – This nickname suits the man who takes his Beard seriously and never makes a mistake with its style or size.
  • Man With A Mouthful Of Hair – Perfect for men who just love their facial hair so much that they want more of it in every place possible, even down there! 
  • Facial Hair Freak – A good nickname for men obsessed with their beards, they always want to keep it natural and clean.
  • Beard King – An excellent nickname for bearded boyfriends because he truly is the king of his facial hair.
  • The Beard You Can Trust – If you can’t trust him, he might not be a good friend.
  • Shakespeare With The Jewels – This nickname suits the man with a beard that is well-kept and styled.
  • Sharp Lip Stache – This nickname is perfect for men who have a nice mustache with their Beard, but it’s not incredibly long or bushy.
  • Gentleman With A Beard – An excellent nickname because he always keeps himself looking good no matter what situation arises.
  • The Mighty Bearded Warrior – Perfect nicknames if your beloved man loves using his facial hair as an accessory to make his look perfect.
  • Beardy – This nickname is excellent for men who have beards that are pretty short and don’t really grow outwards but more upwards.
  • Mountain Man With A Beard – A perfect nickname if you want your man to feel unstoppable with the facial hair that he has growing on top of his head right now.
  • The Stunning Beast Of The Forest – Perfect nickname for guys who always keep their beards looking clean and sharp.
  • The Beast With The Beard – Perfect nickname for men who are just giant hairy monsters, but they look gorgeous with it too.
  • Monster From The Forest And Sea – This nickname goes very well if the guy actually lives in the forest.
  • Shakespeare With A Beard – Another nickname for guys who look like they’ve just come out of the plays by this famous writer.
  • Stache Of The Forest – Nicknames if your beau has the mustache to go along with his forest-themed nicknames.
  • The Hairy God Of The Forest – A handle if your man honestly does look like a god in the forest.
  • Tall And Handsome – This nickname is perfect for men with beards that are grayish and who’re also tall.
  • Mighty Bear With A Beard – A good nickname for someone who seems scary but is really lovely.
  • The Lumberjack With A Beard – Some men love their Beard. Men like beards don’t usually comb or style them. They just let the hair grow naturally.
  • Handsome Beast – is a perfect nickname if he has a thick full-grown beard that looks good no matter where he goes or what outfit he wears.
  • Lion Of The Forest – is a nickname for men who have huge manes on top of their heads to go along with their beards. 
  • Forest God – nickname If your boyfriend looks like a god out there in nature where everything seems

FAQs About Beard Nicknames

In this section, I’m answering some of your most-asked questions about beards and nicknames for beards.

What’s the deal with beard nicknames?

Beard nicknames are fun, lighthearted names you can give to your facial hair. They’re great conversation starters and help showcase your beard-growing pride!

Do beard nicknames have anything to do with beard styles?

Absolutely! A lot of beard nicknames are inspired by beard styles, but some are simply based on other features or comical aspects of your beard.

Can I use a celebrity’s name for my beard nickname?

As long as you’re not infringing anyone’s rights, go for it. Celeb-inspired nicknames are often popular choices.

Do beard nicknames change with different beard lengths?

Just like your beard can change in shape and size, so can your nickname. Feel free to adapt the name as you groom and grow out your beard.

What’s the best way to come up with a beard nickname?

Consider your beard’s style, color, texture, and any iconic figures you associate with it. Take your time and brainstorm a creative name that makes you smile.

Is it okay if my beard nickname has no relation to my beard at all?

Certainly! Sometimes, it’s more about the spirit of the nickname rather than the actual beard attributes. It’s all about embracing your creativity and enjoying the fun of it.


So, I hope you enjoyed reading my handpicked collection of beard nicknames.

Beards are beardly. If you have one, then you probably like it (unless your Beard is really itchy).

But what if you don’t like the beard name that society has given to your Beard? Well, we’re here with a list of some funny cool nicknames for beards that might suit your style better!

This article will help you find some cool nicknames for bearded men out there looking for their new nicknames.

Use this list of ideas when trying to find the perfect nickname for someone who has a beard. These are fun names, so don’t take them too seriously but do have some fun with it if choosing one does fit your personality.

I’ve shared my list of beard nicknames. Now it’s your turn, so how are you going to use these cool names? Let me know in the comments section below. Keep scrolling down.

If you like my nicknames for beards, share them with your friends and family on social media. I love hearing from you.

Thank You! Have A Nice Day!! 🙂

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