RedHead Nicknames | Funny Cute Nicknames For RedHeads

RedHead Nicknames | 161+ Funny & Cute Nicknames For RedHeads

RedHead Nicknames | Looking for nicknames for redheads? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’ve shared my collection of nicknames for redheads.

If you have red hair, then I bet everyone has a nickname for you. It’s a redhead thing.

Many people think redheads are “different,” and it seems like they all want to come up with nicknames for us.

But don’t worry – we’ve got some pretty creative redhead nicknames that might make your day brighter.

Now the question that arises Do redheads have nicknames? Of course, they do! Red hair is a rare and beautiful thing.

It only makes sense that redheads would get special treatment in the nickname department, too!

Some redhead nicknames might be based on their fiery locks, while others could come from the color of their skin or even their temper.

These redhead nicknames are some of the funniest and most cute ones I could find for you to consider when it comes time to give your redheaded loved One a new nickname.

I’ve found some redhead nicknames for you that will put a smile on your face.

Origin Of Red Ginger Hair

The origin of the red ginger hair is due to a gene mutation in which an individual has two copies of melanin-producing genes. This causes them to produce more pigment than other people, leading to their signature hue.

There are many stories about how red hair came to be. Some people believe it is a new mutation of the human race.

Other people say that Neanderthals were alive when this mutation happened, and they passed on their genes by mating with humans. You can have red hair because of this.

People used to have only dark hair. But when they went to North America, their skin turned light so they could see.

This caused people to have less melanin in their skin. This meant that they were more sensitive to UV rays. People with fair skin were favoured because this type of skin absorbed more sunlight, which makes vitamin D. This resulted in red hair.

Amazing Facts About RedHeads Or GingerHeads

Redheads are not only beautiful but also have a few interesting facts about them.

  • Redheads have a higher threshold for physical pain.
  • Ginger hair is the rarest natural hair color in humans. Approximately one to two percent of the human population has naturally red locks. That’s about 70 million people worldwide.
  • Red hair generally has more melanin than other colors. This means that it’s stronger and lasts longer, so you’re going to get sunburned less often if your skin is tanned at all (or, in some cases, never)
  • It also has been shown time after again as one of nature’s most vibrant hues.
  • RedHeads are said to be more se*ually active than other individuals and can even become intoxicated by alc*h*l faster than non-redheads
  • Ginger heads also get sunburned easier than others, so you should give them sunscreen whenever they go outdoors.

What Are Nicknames For RedHeads?

Redheads have some interesting nicknames. Nicknames like Ginger, Redhead, and Fireball come to mind, but there are so many more.

Some nicknames for redheads are fiery hair girls because they are always on fire, brave little ones who can be heard over the sound of drums. This is because redheads hear better and see colors differently than others.

RedHead Nicknames For Girls With Red Ginger Hairs

RedHead Nicknames For Girls With Red Ginger Hairs
RedHead Nicknames For Girls With Red Ginger Hairs

Searching for nicknames for redhead girls? Don’t worry. You are in the right section. Here I’ve posted my collection of redhead girl nicknames.

Red hair is a rarity in most places globally, with only 1% of people being natural redheads. This means that many people have never met or interacted with someone who has red hair.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common nicknames for redhead girls and talk about why they’ve been used as names over time.

Also, read my list of nicknames for blondes and nicknames for black girls for more cool ideas.

  • Auburn – This is a name for someone with red hair. Redheads can have many different colors. But the most common ones are lighter than brunettes with brown eyes. It is easy to see where this name comes from.
  • Crimson – A person who has red hair is really cool. They have red hair, and “crimson” looks like blood or something else related to people with red hair.
  • Foxy Lady – Sometimes names like Ginger might not work for your sweetheart. But if they act as sly as cunning foxes, then Foxy lady may make more sense.
  • Ginger – This is a common name for redheads, and it’s easy to see why. Ginger comes from the word Gingis, which was used in old English times as an amalgamation of “red hair.”
  • Red-Hot Mama/Mama Red/The Red One – If you’re looking for something fun or maybe even sexy, then these nicknames may be just what you need! Any one of them will do depending on how severe your relationship is with the girl who has red hair.
  • Sassy Lassie – A cute nickname suitable for girls and boys (though they might like another version more). It works because sass means spirit and spunk, so if she has both, then this would be a great name to use.
  • Strawberry – is a cute name for sweet redheads or if you just think they look good enough to eat!
  • Tomato Head/Flamehead – If she has red hair, this is definitely one nickname that will suit her well.
  • Tigger – This is good if your friend has red fur instead of hair. You can think of it as something fun and playful. It might be all you want for a nickname sometimes (or not).

RedHead Nicknames For RedHead Guys With Red Ginger Hairs

RedHead Nicknames For RedHead Guys With Red Ginger Hairs
RedHead Nicknames For RedHead Guys With Red Ginger Hairs

Hi folks, looking for nicknames for redhead guys? Calm down. Your hunt is over. Here I’ve shared my list of redhead guy’s nicknames for ginger guys.

The nicknames for redhead guys are many and varied. Whether you call your husband or even brother a “ginger” or a “red-topper,” it’s all in good fun! 

Nicknames for redheaded guys are not only funny but also cute nicknames to call your man.

Redheaded boys can be tricky little creatures because they’re so rare, and the ones that do exist tend to have fiery tempers.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, here I’ve collected some of my favorite names for redhead guys, including ginger guy nicknames ​and gingersnap.

Below I’ve mentioned my list of nicknames for red ginger-haired guys and boys.

Also, read my list of nicknames for tall guys and nicknames for black guys for more ideas.

  • Rufus/Ruffy – this One is an old-school way of saying red hair.
  • Rusty – this may be a reference to the color, or it could simply mean that your ginger guy has a warm and earthy personality like rust.
  • Ginger Snap/ Gingersnap – delicious! This nickname was made famous by Sandra Bullock in her movie, The Proposal. It’s catchy and cute and applies to both chocolate-covered gingers (gingerbread men) as well as real-life guys with fiery locks.
  • Maggie Thatcher – Just because someone has red hair does not mean that you should not try on this name if they look more like Ron Weasley than Margaret Thatcher. There are only so many nicknames out there for ginger boys.
  • Rufus – if Rufus is the name he goes by at home, why not try it out in public too? This option might be best for a sweet and affectionate guy who doesn’t mind sharing his first name with one of history’s most famous redheads.
  • Bertie – Bertie Bots Every Flavor Bean, anyone? Ok, so this may have been made famous by J.K Rowling, but that should only make you want to use it even more!
  • Fireball – this is a fun option that works well whether you’re talking about his hair color or personality.
  • Gingerbread/ Ginger Man – this One can be used as both an endearing term of affection and also to make him the star of your next gingerbread house project! Just don’t forget to include raisins for eyes… because everyone knows they go with everything ????
  • Fiery One – it’s always best not to play with fire if you want things between you two to stay warm!
  • Red Head Bandit – I love this One. It’s cute and playful and is sure to make him the talk of your friends.
  • Chocolate Drop – Do you have a light brown or dark blonde shade to your hair? If so, we can call it “ginger.” It is not as common as red hair, but it may work better for you. Other options are “cinnamon” if your hair is darker, “Topaz” if your hair is golden, and the word “copper top.”

RedHead Boyfriend Nicknames For Cute Red Ginger Boyfriend

RedHead Boyfriend Nicknames For Cute Red Ginger Boyfriend
RedHead Boyfriend Nicknames For Cute Red Ginger Boyfriend

Searching for nicknames for redhead boyfriend? You are in the right place. Here I’ve shared my list of some funny, cute nicknames to call your Ginger headed boyfriend.

The redhead is a rare but beautiful sight. Some say they are some of the most attractive people, and some even believe they have superpowers.

Redheads can be as stubborn as a mule but make up for it with their fiery temper. In this article, we will be discussing nicknames for your redhead boyfriend.

Redheads have many nicknames, and here I’ve listed the most popular Nicknames that fit him perfectly!

From Gingerbread Man & Red Hot Loverboy to Ginge & Ginga Ninja, these lovely names might help you find new ones too! 

So let’s go ahead and get started with our list of nicknames for your Ginger haired boyfriend or lover.

  • Gingerbread – Because gingerbread men are cute, and your boyfriend is too! This is a good name for your sweet redhead.
  • Red Hot Loverboy – A great choice if he’s full of passion that burns brightly inside him.
  • Ginge – If you’re looking for an adorable nickname to call your British or Irish redheaded significant other, “ginge” might be the perfect fit.
  • Ginger Ninja – because Red hair & Ninjas go hand in hand, right? Great nicknames for guys who are fast as well. 
  • Ace Of Spades – Because why not? Ace means king, so it’s just like saying King of Kings.
  • Flame heads – because they always seem like they’re on fire.
  • Fireball – because their hair is an explosive color.
  • Ginger m*cgruffin – because he looks so harsh, but his soft heart makes him sweet.
  • Redhead – the most common name for this lovely color, it’s a great choice to call your redheaded guy.
  • Fire head – because they always seem like they’re on fire inside and out.
  • Gingerbread man – Because gingerbread men are cute, and your boyfriend is too! This is a good name for your sweet redhead.
  • Flamey – The perfect nickname for someone full of passion that sometimes gets them into trouble with their fiery tempers.
  • Sparrow Red Head – A romantic nickname is a name you can call your partner when you want to keep things private and s*xy.
  • Atomic flame – A cute nickname for someone who is explosive and hot-tempered.
  • Ginger Snap – Because they’re so sweet & tasty..Yummo!!! 
  • Red Dwarf – This name reminds me of those intelligent little creatures traveling through space searching for adventure!

RedHead Girlfriend Nicknames For Cute Red Ginger Girlfriend

RedHead Girlfriend Nicknames For Cute Red Ginger Girlfriend
RedHead Girlfriend Nicknames For Cute Red Ginger Girlfriend

Looking for nicknames for redhead girlfriend? This post is perfect. Here I’ve shared my own list of some best names to call your Ginger headed girlfriend.

So you’ve finally found a RedHead Girl, and now you want to find the perfect nickname! Look no further because I have compiled a list below that will help make calling her something special much easier.

Redheads are one of nature’s most vibrant hues with fiery hair color, making them stand out in any crowd.

They also tend to be highly intelligent with good personalities. Still, they can also seem very shy or anti-social at first glance, especially if she’s dealing with a social anxiety disorder (SAD).

In other words, redheads are some of the most unique people on Earth. Here is my list of nicknames for the redhead girlfriend that you can use to call her something special!

As I am a red-haired person myself, I have collected a list of names that other people with this hair color might like.

Whether your girl wants sweet nicknames or funny ones or even both You definitely won’t run out of options after reading through my extensive collection below! 

So let’s go ahead and get started with our list of nicknames for your ginger-haired gf.

  • Ginger – This is a classic. It’s been around for centuries, and it still works like magic.
  • Red/Reddy – An excellent nickname to call your redheaded girlfriend when she gets mad at you.
  • Ginger Girl – A cool nickname for your redhead girlfriend.
  • Gingerbread Girl – You can call someone this if they are friendly or not very smart.
  • Cinnamon Bun – For someone sweet and yummy, just like the pastry, we all love eating on Sunday mornings!
  • Apricot – can be shortened to “Apri,” which makes this even cuter than before.
  • Carrot Top – This might be a little difficult, and she may not like it. But you can still do it if you want to tease her about changing her hair color.
  • Ginger Snap – If your ginger girlfriend is aggressive, this would be another excellent nickname for her! You know that when she gets angry or upset, everyone should watch out because “the snap” has arrived!
  • Red Chilli Pepper – Because redheads are hot and spicy, just like some kinds of peppers here on Earth! Watch out–you may get burned with this One. 🙂
  • Crimson Queen/Queen Crimson – A cute name for an even cuter girl who loves adventure and excitement in life.
  • Siren – This is an excellent nickname for redheaded women because they are known to be alluring, enchanting, and captivating at the same time.
  • Firecracker – Another one that might take some explaining (and apologizing), but it’s worth it if you’re really into her fiery personality!
  • Red Baroness – If your girlfriend loves adventure or historical figures, this would definitely suit her well. Plus, she’ll get a kick out of being associated with someone like “The Red Baron.”
  • Scarlet O’Hara/O Hara – Can’t go wrong with classic nicknames–this was Scarlett in Gone With The Wind, and we still use it today! It also comes from the color of blood, which can signify love and happiness.

Funny RedHead Nicknames For RedHeads

Funny RedHead Nicknames For RedHeads
Funny RedHead Nicknames For RedHeads

Hi folks, In search of funny nicknames for redheads? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Here I’ve shared my list of funny redhead nicknames for ginger heads.

Funny nicknames for redheads are some of the most fun to discover!

Redheads have a unique personality. Their hair is usually coppery-red or strawberry blonde, which makes them different from most people they meet every day.

Even if you don’t know one personally, you’ve probably seen at least one in your lifetime around town.

Often, their personalities can be just as fiery and hot as their hair color tool.

To describe this personality, I’ve shared my collection of funny nicknames for redheads.

  • Firefly – Because they’re bright and colorful like a firefly.
  • Ruby Grale – for beautiful redheads.
  • Fire Insurance – for redheads with super shiny hairs.
  • Copper Top – Because their hair color is the same as copper.
  • Red Rocket – For someone ready to go at all times, just like a rocket.
  • Cherry Bomb – Sometimes redheads are dangerous too! They’re both explosive and attractive, so it makes sense that this nickname would make sense for one of them.
  • Carrot Top – Who doesn’t remember the character on Tommy Boy?
  • Ketchup – For someone sweet like ketchup on fries.
  • Strawberry Shortcake – Cute name for a cute girl! All redheads are naturally beautiful, so it makes sense that something about them would be short and sweet.
  • Siren – They are alluring like Sirens in Greek Mythology. They lure people into their dangerous waters where they would drown.
  • Red Hot Mama/Mama Mia! /Feisty Redhead – Some girls get really angry. They can get furious if they are Italian or Irish. Red hair is very common in these groups of people.
  • Asteroid – Because redheads are fiery like an asteroid.
  • Firecracker – Another fun name because of how explosive they can be! Often, people with ginger hair tend to have a temper, so this nickname would definitely fit your girlfriend if she’s on the more aggressive side.
  • Irish Kisses – Perfect for that remarkable Irish woman in your life who is sweet as sugar but also has one hell of a temper when crossed by anyone…just make sure you never do that!
  • Red-Hot Lover – Another nickname she’ll enjoy hearing because of how passionate and sensual redheads can be.
  • Sugarplum – There is a nickname for your girlfriend. It would be lovely if you called her this name. You can do so during the holiday season or when you want to show that she is extra special to you.
  • Bun/Buns – You call someone a “bun”? This is a nickname that people enjoy and find cute.
  • Cherry Pie – An American classic song with tons of sexual innuendo attached to it making this one perfect for music lovers.

Cool And Cute RedHead Nicknames For Red Heads

Cool And Cute RedHead Nicknames For Red Heads
Cool And Cute RedHead Nicknames For Red Heads

Are you looking for cool and cute redhead nicknames? Calm down. In this list, I’ve shared my collection of cool and cute nicknames for redheads.

If you want a nickname for someone who has red hair, there are plenty of names out there.

Redheads have some unique qualities which make them stand apart from the rest.

People often feel very strongly about what they love. They might call other people names because of this. It can be tricky to find someone who is not too cheesy when it comes to their name-calling.

If you don’t have any ideas about cool and cute ginger nicknames, then follow me.

So let’s go ahead and get started with our list of cool & cute nicknames for redheads that will help make calling someone special something she’ll really enjoy hearing!

I’ve got some awesome ones listed below, so read on to find the perfect nickname for your RedHead.

  • Gingersnap – this is one of the most popular ginger nicknames.
  • Crimson Queen – is another great nickname for redheads because it makes them feel like a princess or prince. It’s also very true because they are awesome!
  • Sunshine – giving someone who has red hair as their dominant trait, this cute name might be just the thing to call them when they’re feeling down or blue.
  • Light of my life – this One is good for someone who lights up your world!
  • Red Baroness – another nickname that gives her a sense of royalty. This name basically means she’s the queen bee in your group, which you wouldn’t want to mess with!
  • Queen Bee – if Redheads are dominating their social circles, then they might just be queen bees. A funny way to give them credit for being so popular while giving them respect at the same time!
  • Sunny-Side Up – Some redheads have golden hair, and some don’t. Calling someone with golden hair “sunny side up” will make them happy.
  • Henna Queen – henna tattoos tend to look like red and orange highlights in the hair, which you could call her if she has one.
  • Flame – flame sounds cute, right? It definitely suits someone who has fiery energy inside them no matter what kind of mood they’re currently in
  • Ginge – the best cute nickname for redheads.
  • Coppertop – for redheads with some golden shades.
  • Poppy & Poppet – A funny cute nickname for gingerheads.
  • Strawberry blonde – for all shades.
  • Cherry Pie – for hot redheads.
  • Blueberry – A cool nickname for redheads with blue eyes.
  • Porcelain Doll – For a cute redhead.
  • Baby doll – for your little redheads.
  • Little ginger ball/baby – for naughty ginger redheads.
  • Angelface – A cute nickname for adorable redheads.
  • Flaming – for cute angry redheads.

Clever RedHead Nicknames For Clever Red Heads

Clever RedHead Nicknames For Clever Red Heads
Clever RedHead Nicknames For Clever Red Heads

Hi folks, In look for clever redhead nicknames? Don’t worry. I have got some best and most creative names on this list to help you find one suitable nickname to call redheads.

We love our freckles and bright hair color, but it can be hard to develop a new unique name for them. We have already used all the familiar names like “fire crotch,” GingerGinger,” etcetera.

Ginger people are not the same as other people. They are different. But they can still be friends with others, just like everyone else.

It is hard to find something special about them that is not too cheesy. Still, it’s possible to find someone special who will understand how they feel even if they are different.

If you are struggling to find clever nicknames for your redhead friend, don’t worry. I have got some best and most creative names on this list to help you find one suitable nickname to call your ginger friend!

So let’s get started with our list of cute & clever ginger nicknames below.

  • Good Luck Charm – This is a very unique and memorable name that can be used by couples who want something more original than the traditional “red” title.
  • Red Princess/Queen – Calling someone a princess makes her feel like she has royal blood.
  • Rosebud – This is another cute name for redheads that can be used by lovers or friends.
  • Fireball – This One makes them feel like they possess the power of fire in their soul, so it’s definitely a very powerful nickname to call someone!
  • Hot Lips/Hottie – These are some nicknames for redheaded ladies. You might have heard of them before.
  • Red Baroness – This is one of my favorites on the list since it’s got a very regal ring to it.
  • Fiery One/Tiger – Redheads with dynamic personalities or unusual hair colors.
  • Red Fox – For super clever redheads.
  • Red Owl – For inteligent redheads.
  • Red Mamba – It’s for redheads with wisdom.

Badass RedHead Nicknames For RedHeads

Badass RedHead Nicknames For RedHeads
Badass RedHead Nicknames For RedHeads

In Search of badass nicknames for redheads? Don’t worry. You are in the right direction. Here I’ve shared my collection of badass redhead nicknames.

Often, redheads are thought of as fiery or passionate people. But if you’re looking for other ways to name your own dynamic personality traits, then look no further than these badass redhead nicknames.

  • Rusty
  • Gamet
  • Carrot Top
  • Siena
  • Bushfire
  • Cherry
  • Rowan
  • Cherry Head
  • Lobster
  • Ginger Cat
  • Anne
  • Yeti
  • Annie
  • Blue
  • Trusty Rusty
  • Angel Red
  • Giny
  • Ginger Ninga
  • Spitfire
  • Ginger
  • Red
  • Flushed Red
  • Fire Top
  • Copper
  • Fred The Red
  • Kettle
  • Cheeto Chief
  • Ladybug
  • Cardinal
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Merlot Maiden
  • Rose Petal
  • Chilli Pepper
  • Flame Thrower
  • Copper Penny
  • Cherry Pie
  • Red Velvet
  • Red Robin
  • Phoenix Flame
  • Saffron Star
  • Rojo Ranger
  • Mars Master
  • Maroon Marvel
  • Red Rover

Inappropriate Offensive Red Nicknames For Red GingerHeads

Inappropriate Offensive Red Nicknames For Red GingerHeads
Inappropriate Offensive Red Nicknames For Red GingerHeads

On a hunt to find offensive nicknames for redheads? Don’t worry. Your quest is over. Here I’ve posted my collection of inappropriate nicknames for redheads.

Some people are fascinated with redheads, and they enjoy giving them nicknames that are often used offensively.

In this article, we will explore the most common of these names and why they might be derogatory.

Below I’ve mentioned my list of inappropriate offensive nicknames for redheads.

  • Fire Balls
  • Red Carpet
  • Big Red
  • Royal Red
  • Fiery RedHead
  • Fuego
  • Cheery
  • Copper Head
  • Flame
  • Candle
  • Fire Crotch
  • Corly
  • Hot Head
  • Corly
  • Amber
  • Ginger Nut
  • Ginger Ninja
  • Ranga
  • Strawberry Head
  • Sunny Top
  • High Lander
  • Lil Red
  • Oranga
  • Junior Ginger
  • Harry Head
  • Amber Angel
  • Blazing Beauty
  • Carrot Top
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Cinnabar Charm
  • Claret Curls
  • Copper Comet
  • Ember Elf
  • Fire Sprite
  • Garnet Goddess
  • Hibiscus Heart
  • Inferno Icon
  • Jazzberry Joy
  • Ketchup Kid
  • Lobster Lover
  • Marmalade Man
  • Nutmeg Nymph
  • Orange Oasis
  • Paprika Princess
  • Pomegranate Prince
  • Raspberry Rebel
  • Fire Cracker

FAQs About Redhead Nicknames

In this section, I’m answering some of your most-asked questions about redheads and nicknames for redheads.

Why do redheads have nicknames?

Well, folks love to come up with creative nicknames for redheads because of their unique, fiery hair color. It separates them from the rest and adds a little fun to everything!

What’s the most common nickname for redheads?

“Ginger” takes the crown, my friend! This one’s a legendary nickname, used and loved by so many people.

I heard redheads have unique genes. What’s up with that?

Yeah, it’s because of a gene mutation that results in two copies of melanin-producing genes. It gives their hair that extra oomph and sets them apart!

Are redheads really more tolerant of pain?

According to research, redheads can actually handle more pain. It’s thought to be down to the MC1R gene mutation that influences their hair color. Cool, right?

How common is it to have natural red hair?

Only around 1 to 2% of the population has natural red hair. Yup, redhead buddies are like rare Pokemon in the wild!

Can you give me some fun female redhead nicknames?

Sure, homie! How about “Foxy Lady”, “Red-Hot Mama”, or “Sassy Lassie”? Trust me, you can’t go wrong, these are gold!

Are there cute redhead nicknames for my boyfriend?

Of course! Why not try “Gingerbread” or “Red Hot Loverboy?” Get ready for him to blush redder than his hair!

Where does red hair originate?

It’s believed that humans developed lighter skin and hair when they migrated to North America to take in more sunlight and Vitamin D, leading to red hair. Crazy, right?

Are there any surprising facts about redheads?

Yeah! Redheads have more melanin in their hair (so, they’re less prone to hair sunburn), but they can get sunburns on their skin easier. Ain’t that something?

Are redheads really more active at night?

Some research suggests that redheads are more night owls because of a gene that relates to their internal body clocks. Crazy how things connect, eh?


So that’s all for now. I hope you like my collection of nicknames for redheads.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect nickname to give your redheaded friend or family member, there are plenty of options out there.

But remember, even if a nickname sounds good in theory, do not make assumptions about someone’s appearance.

This blog post has given you some great ideas for redhead nicknames to use when referring to your redheaded friends.

I hope that these names will help you be more creative with the people in your life and make it easier to feel accepted by anyone you meet.

What are some of your favorite ways to refer to someone who is natural ginger? Do let me know in the comments.

If you like my handpicked list of redhead nicknames for red ginger heads, feel free to share with love with your friends and family on social media.

I appreciate your feedback, Have a nice lovely day.

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