Big Eyes Nicknames | Funny Cute Nicknames For Big Eyes

Big Eyes Nicknames | 101+ Funny Cute Nicknames For Big Eyes

Big Eyes Nicknames | Looking for nicknames for big eyes? Don’t worry. In this post, I’m sharing my list of nicknames for big eyes.

The eyes may be one feature that leads to a nickname being assigned because they are often referred to as windows into the soul.

Big Eye’s nicknames can be adorable because they are nicknames that relate to the size of your eyes. If you have big eyes, you know how difficult it can be to find nicknames sometimes.

In this post, we will look at some of the most popular nicknames for big eyes and what they might mean about an individual’s personality type based on how it is used in dialogue.

Funny Cute Nicknames For People With Big Eyes

  • Funny Cute Nicknames For People With Big Eyes
  • Cute Nicknames For People With Big Eyes

Do you need funny, cute nicknames for big eyes? Don’t worry, I got what you want. I’ve shared my collection of funny, cute nicknames for people with big eyes in this post.

The funny thing about big eyes is that they are usually a good trait of the opposite sex. If you have eye color, size, or shape that makes your eyes more noticeable than other people’s, then odds are it might be something others find cute and attractive as well.

This is why funny nicknames for big eyes can be fun to express affection in a relationship.

Below I’m sharing my list of funny nicknames for big eyes. You can use these nicknames to call people with big eyes.

If you have friends who have beautiful colored eyes, then check out my list of nicknames for blue eyes and green eyes. You can also read blonde nicknames or nicknames for a redhead for more ideas.

  • Bam Bam – If you are one of the few people with eyes that look like this animal.
  • The Bambi – Disney fans will know that this cute deer with big eyes is the protagonist in his own movie.
  • Big Eyes – This funny nickname can let people with large peepers know how special they are without sounding too creepy about it.
  • Bambi – If you want a funny nickname for girls or guys who have fish, puffy eyes.
  • The Big Yak – Some people might think a yak is a type of cow.
  • The Brat – If you have a little brother or sister who has eyes that look like this, then you might want to share this information with them.
  • The Brownie – Is another Disney character reference. Still, in this case, it’s the protagonist from the House of Mouse cartoon series called Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
  • The Bunny – This is one of the most popular nicknames on this list because it works well with both male and female individuals who have peepers that look like our long-eyed friends.
  • The Giant – Depending on how big your eyes are, this might actually be a pretty accurate nickname to use.
  • Gorilla Eyes – If you want to call someone who has the same size and shape as this large jungle animal’s peepers, then go ahead.
  • The Great One – Bambi was one of Disney’s most popular film characters, but he wasn’t the only one. If you know someone who has eyes that look like a character from another Disney favorite of yours, then use this nickname on them too.
  • The Great Wall – This is an interesting name to call someone with big eyes because it references China and its most famous landmark.
  • The Grizzly – If you want to call someone with eyes like this bear, use it. This is another great option for people with big peepers too.
  • Hooty McOwlface – This funny nickname can be used on guys or girls with wide-set eyes shaped more like owls than humans.
  • Igor – Igor was the assistant’s name in Young Frankenstein, but he also had very huge eyes, if you know what I mean?
  • Jumbo Jaws – Again, another movie reference because the shark from jaws looked like this before being cut up into pieces by our hero Hooper and his trusty chainsaw.
  • The Kangaroo – If you have a friend who has eyes about the same size as these animals, I will use this one.
  • The Lion – This is another Disney reference to Simba from The Lion King. If your buddy looks like this famous animated African king with their peepers, then let them know they’re special by calling them “Lion” or “King of the Jungle.”
  • Little Panda – If someone has big almond-shaped eyes that look similar in color and shape to this cute little black and white bear’s, then go ahead give it to them.
  • Lucy – Lucy was an early Peanuts comic strip character whose signature trait was her large blue orbs, earning her many different nicknames.
  • The Moose – This nickname works well if you know someone with eyes shaped like this iconic animal’s antlers.
  • Nemo – If your friend looks a lot like the protagonist from Finding Nemo, call them by their name or use “fish,” which would work just as well.
  • Owl Eyes – The shape and color of these animals’ huge orbs make them very unique looking, so they’re a good option for nicknames, especially if your buddy liked Harry Potter books because Professor Dumbledore had round owl eyeglasses.
  • Puff the Magic Dragon – This is the name of a popular song, but you could also use it as a nickname for someone with eyes shaped like this mystical creature.
  • Puffy Eyes – Again, another option for people who look tired or have dark circles under their eyes because they might be swollen from lack of sleep. A good choice if your friend needs an energy boost.
  • The Puma – If you know someone whose eyes look similar to those of this large feline, call them by one of its many names, especially “puma.”
  • The Quail – This bird has big brown peepers, and so does your buddy? Then why not give them a little compliment about their eyes?
  • The Rabbit – This is another great name to call someone with big peepers because it references one of the most beloved Easter characters ever. It can also be used for people who have eyes that are shaped like rabbits too.
  • Sasquatch – Sasquatch is sometimes referred to as Bigfoot and if you know someone whose eyes look more like his than human, then use this nickname on them.
  • Snuffleupagus – If your friend has round bizarre-looking eyes which resemble Big Bird from Sesame Street, then I suggest using this term of endearment on them as well!  
  • The Spaceman – If someone’s eyes remind you of an astronaut or just aliens in general, then go ahead and call them this.
  • The Tin Man – If someone has eyes that look like the famous character from The Wizard of Oz, definitely give it to them.
  • Tigger – This Disney favorite will always be Winnie Pooh’s bouncy friend with an insatiable appetite, so you can use his name or “trigger” as well on your buddy who might remind you of the yellow bear.
  • Tweety Bird – For those whose eyes are shaped more like Tweety Birds than humans, I suggest using their many nicknames, including “Tweet” and “Bird.”
  • The Wolf – The wolf is a common character in fairy tales.
  • Zombie – If your friend looks pale all of the time, then why not call them by their most popular moniker, which means they’re dead? (I know you were thinking it)
  • Zorro – This masked avenger from film and television had his own tv show where he fought crime using quick wits instead of weapons, so you could use that if your friend is brave.

Nicknames For Guys With Big Eyes

Nicknames For Guys With Big Eyes
Nicknames For Guys With Big Eyes

Are you looking for nicknames for guys with big eyes? Don’t worry. In this post, I’ve shared my collection of nicknames for big-eyed guys.

There are plenty of ways to describe a guy with large eyes, and each character can be used as a nickname if given in the proper context.

Don’t know which nickname is best for a big-eyed guy, Don’t panic. I’m here to help you. Here I’m sharing my list of nicknames for guys with big eyes.

If you have a tall guy, then check out my list of nicknames for tall guys and tall people. You can also read nicknames for gamer guys and gamer boyfriends if you want.

  • Big Eye Boy – if a guy has big eyes, you can call him Big Eye Boy.
  • Big Eyes – if he is a shy boy with a round face, this nickname would be best for guys with big eyes.
  • Large Eyes – if he has big eyes which are slightly normal, then you can use this nickname.
  • Light Brown Eyes – If a guy’s eyes have a light brown color and a shy boy with a round face, then Large Eyes would be best for him.
  • Sharp Eye Boy – Use this nickname Big-Eyed Boy to call people who have sensitive nature of mind and a brainy guy and have beautiful eyelashes like girls.
  • Gentleman With Beautiful Eyelashes Like Girls – For those men who look very nice in their natural makeup or without makeup.
  • Handsome Guy With Cute Eyes – This is a funny nickname for guys with big eyes.
  • Sweetie Pie – If he has a light brown color of the pupil, then you can use this sweet name on him Sweetie Pie With Big Brown Eyes.
  • Big Eyes Guy – If you want to call a guy with big eyes, this nickname would be best for him.
  • Beautiful Eye – if his Eye is beautiful and beautiful in a gentle way like he has a soft heart, use it on such men.
  • Soft-hearted Big Eyed Person – This name can suit people who are not very straightforward but have a strong mind. They know how to deal with the situation wisely and patiently.

Nicknames For Boyfriends With Big Eyes

Nicknames For Boyfriends With Big Eyes
Nicknames For Boyfriends With Big Eyes

Searching for nicknames for boyfriend with big eyes? Don’t worry. In this post, I’m sharing my list of nicknames for big-eyed boyfriends.

A big part of a relationship is finding ways to make fun of your partner without them knowing it and creating nicknames that can be used by you alone to show affection privately while having a little fun at the same time.

Coming up with good nicknames for your big-eyed boyfriend is challenging, So I created a list.

Below I’ve shared my collection of nicknames for boyfriends with big eyes. You can use these nicknames for your big-eyed boyfriend.

If you know a person who have brown or hazel eyes, then please check my list of nicknames for brown eyes and hazel eyes. You can also read nicknames for black eyes for more ideas.

  • Sparkles – If you have big, sparkling eyes.
  • Big Eyes – If they are beautiful and full of wonder like the eyes on a baby deer in headlights.
  • Bambi – Similar to Big Eyes but is more popular with guys who may want something that sounds tougher when used as their nickname.
  • Eyes Of An Angel – For someone with hypnotizingly gorgeous eyes that make others feel like falling into their soul when they look at them.
  • Gorgeous/Beautiful/Stunning/Cutie Pie – This is just a generic term that can be used when you want to describe someone’s eyes without coming up with something specific.
  • Staring At The Stars – For those who find themselves lost in thought and dreaming about the future when they look into your eyes.
  • Big, Happy Eyes – If their eyes are big and shine brightly like a full moon on a dark night sky after it has been washed clean by gentle raindrops.
  • Sunny Skies/Clear Blue Sky – Similar to Big, Happy Eyes but might seem more appropriate for guys.
  • Moody – Applies if their eye color changes dramatically depending on how they are feeling.
  • Shark Eyes – This is great if your boyfriend has shifty, cunning eyes that seem to be constantly looking for new ways to deceive an individual or find some hidden secret within the conversation.
  • High Beam/Blinding Beauty – If his beauty literally takes your breath away and makes you want to shield yourself from its brilliance by covering up your eyes with an arm or hand.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – For someone whose personality lights up the room when they enter through the door.
  • Puppy Eyes – Perfect for someone whose eyes are big and round like that of a puppy’s.
  • Cherries – If they have red, plump lips that look delicious enough to eat.
  • Fruit Loops/Silly Puddy Pie – Cute nicknames if their eyes remind you of the bright colors found in Fruit Loops or Silly Putty toys.
  • Lights On But Nobody’s Home – For those who seem very present but don’t always respond when spoken too directly because they may be lost in thought about something else entirely at the time.
  • Fireballs – Fun nickname if their pupils turn into fireballs whenever your boyfriend gets mad or upset over something silly.
  • Panda Eyes – Panda bears have black circles around their eyes.
  • Cupcake/cupie – Great for someone with kissable lips that are plump and delicious looking.
  • Bowties And Suspenders/Bold Eyes – If they have bright, blue eyes that seem to be constantly attracting the attention of others around them.
  • Cupid’s Arrow – It’s perfect if their big brown or black eyes remind you of Cupid’s enchanted arrow, which brings people together in love.
  • Potato Head – For those whose eye shape is round like potatoes.
  • Rainbow Bright – A fun way to describe someone who has gorgeous sparkling eyes full of wonder, just like a rainbow after it rains.
  • Puppy Dog Eyes – Great nickname if your boyfriend gives you puppy dog looks whenever he needs something from you.

Nicknames For Girls With Big Eyes

Nicknames For Girls With Big Eyes
Nicknames For Girls With Big Eyes

In search nicknames for girls with big eyes? Don’t worry, I got what you want. In this post, I’m sharing my collection of nicknames for big-eyed girls.

The best thing about big eyes is that they always make you look like you’re happy. And as we all know, there’s nothing more attractive than a girl who is smiling and having fun with the world around her.

To make this girl happy and smiling, You can use nicknames, But getting the fitting nicknames for big-eyed girls is hard. But not anymore.

In this post, I’ve shared my collection of nicknames for girls with big eyes. You can use these nicknames to call big-eyed girls and make them happy.

  • Big Diamond – perfect nickname for a girl with big eyes.
  • Big Bambi – Perfect nickname for girls with cute and innocent looking, Big Eyes.
  • Cheshire Cat – It’s the perfect nickname for friends who have beautiful wide-set eyes that seem to take up half their face. Cute, but also has the element of danger about it because this person can see everything you’re doing or planning on doing before you do!
  • Snow White – classic cute nickname, ideal if your girlfriend’s features remind you of Disney’s version of Snow White from her freckled nose right down to those deep brown bedroom eyes she has.
  • Flicka – Short form of “kitty-cat,” is an adorable nickname.
  • Panda – Panda is the perfect nickname for a girl with big eyes.
  • Doe Eyed – Doe-eyed girls are known to be sweet and innocent, So this can be an ideal nickname.
  • Bambi – Bambi is the cutest deer in a Disney cartoon movie with huge beautiful big brown eyes. You can use it as a cute pet name if your girlfriend’s or wife’s eye color matches Bambi’s character from Disney movies like brown or blue. 
  • Big Brown Eyes – This one comes across as more serious than most of these types of nicknames but still has a cute element to it.
  • Your Worship – A fun little name that implies you think she is higher than everyone else. Your worship can be used playfully and sometimes earn her kisses with this one!
  • Chocolate Bunny – If your girlfriend’s eyes look like chocolate smeared in the center of each eye, then Chocolate bunny would make a cool nickname for her. 
  • Baby Eyes – Baby eyes are beautiful and innocent-looking, so it’s a good nickname for girls with baby face features.  
  • Cookie – Cookie Monster from Sesame Street always loves cookies; Maybe Cookie will love you too? This is an adorable pet name because people tend to do anything they can to get their hands on some yummy homemade cookies!
  • Cookie Monster – Cookie Monster is a cute nickname for girls who are very sweet and attractive.
  • Bebe – Ideal pet name if your girlfriend’s name starts with B. Bebe is perfect because it sounds French, which automatically makes the person sound sexy!
  • Darling Eyes – Darling eyes will always be there to look after you; So it’s good nicknames for girlfriends.  
  • Elegant Lady – This one has an elegant tone that implies she doesn’t take any mess from anyone and can hold her own in social circles.
  • Cheeky Chimp – This girl is the life of every party and always knows how to make you laugh with her playful ways.
  • Cherry – Cherry is a sweet fruit that one can eat, and it’s also used as a cute nickname for girls because of its softness.
  • Fairy Eyes – Fairy eyes can make everyone around fall in love with them, So this name can be an ideal pet name.  
  • Pookie Pie – Pookie pie sounds like something you might call your girlfriend when she’s acting like a little girl; it implies that even though she may act childish at times, there’s nothing more lovable than her pouting face!
  • Precious – It’s ideal for someone who means everything to you; Precious will always be valuable no matter how much time has passed since you’ve known each other.

Nicknames For Girlfriends With Big Eyes

Nicknames For Girlfriends With Big Eyes
Nicknames For Girlfriends With Big Eyes

Do you want nicknames for a girlfriend with big eyes? Don’t worry. In this post, I’m sharing my collection of nicknames for girls with big eyes.

If you have a girlfriend with big eyes, then you know that she may be the envy of many men and women who find them absolutely beautiful.

Don’t worry. Nicknames for girlfriends with big eyes will make her feel special. In this post, I’m sharing my collection of nicknames for girls with big eyes.

You can use the below list to get nicknames for your big-eyed girlfriend.

  • Big Eyed – eyes that are much larger than average.
  • My Big Eyed Beauty – calling your girlfriend beautiful while reminding her that she has big eyes.
  • Pretty girl with Big Eyes – Calling your girlfriend pretty while pointing out how much bigger than average the size of her eyes are compared to other people’s.
  • Cute Asian With Beautiful Eyes – giving an individual a compliment about their eye color and overall appearance at the same time by noting them as both being “cute” and “beautiful.”
  • Lovey-Dovey With My Little Bunches Of Tulips – Using endearing terms like love, sweetheart, honey, baby, or sugar in combination to create this unique pet name for a person who you consider adorable.
  • My Little Chub-nugget With Big Eyes – calling a girl adorable while also letting her know that you think she is cute and chubby at the same time.
  • Big Bambi Eyes – Large eyes about the animals of the deer family with one large eye on each side of their head, especially when said as an adjective such as “big Bambi eyes” or “Bambi’s eyes.”
  • Snow White Princess – Calling your girlfriend Snow white because, like Disney’s version, She has beautiful skin, red lips, and black hair. And everyone knows what color her lips are (red), so we’ll just say they’re pink.
  • Cutie Pie Cupcake A Creamy Treat – Call your girlfriend a delicious treat while also noting her as adorable.
  • My Little Pony Of Mine With Magical Eyes – A cute nickname for someone who you consider to be sweet and caring with the added layer of “magical eyes,” which can refer both to how enchanting their big, beautiful eyes are or that they’re like mythical creatures (perhaps an elf) since larger than average eye size is common in people from different areas around the world.
  • Cuddly Cutie Pie Doll Face – calling your girlfriend cuddle material because she’s so soft and huggable but still pretty at the same time all wrapped up into one pet name.
  • My Big Eyed Babe – Calling your girlfriend pretty while also reminding them that they have big eyes.
  • Freckles – Nose Cutie With Adorable Eyes.
  • Kitty Cat Eyes Like My Little Kitten – calling a girl kitten or kitty cat about her beautiful eyes, which are so large compared to other people’s that they almost resemble those of a feline animal such as a cat or lion.

FAQs On Big Eyes

Here I’m answering some of your frequently asked questions about big eyes and nicknames for big eyes.

What do we call a person with big eyes?

Some people like to call a person with big eyes “a fly,” while others refer to them as “spiders.” There are many names for someone with big eyes, but one thing is for sure: it’s much easier when you’re trying to pick out that perfect pair of glasses.

Are big eyes attractive?

Yes, Big eyes are an attractive trait for people. If you have big eyes, people would be more happy and confident to talk with you.

What are girls with big eyes called?

Girls with big eyes are referred to as “mythical creatures,” and not many people know the word for them.

These girls have these larger-than-life features, whether it be their eyes, lips, or physique. They’re what every man’s fantasy is wrapped up in a perfect package that can’t seem to go unnoticed.

Is having big eyes a bad thing?

No, Having big eyes is not a bad thing.

Many people have been told that their eyes are too big for their face, and they should get them reduced. This is a common misconception as having larger eyes can actually be advantageous to those features.


So that’s all for now, I hope you like my collection of nicknames for big eyes, and I think you have chosen a nickname for your big-eyed friend from this list.

Thank you for reading nicknames for big eyes. You can use these nicknames to call people with big eyes and make them feel special.

If you like my handpicked collection of big-eyed nicknames, Please share it with your friends and family on social media.

If you have any suggestions or nicknames for big eyes, feel free to share your thoughts with the audience. I appreciate your feedback. Till next time have a lovely day.

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