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Snapchat Nicknames | 212+ Funny & Cool Nicknames For Snapchat

Snapchat Nicknames | Do you need a Snapchat nickname for Snapchat? Well, if you’re looking for the perfect Snapchat nicknames to use on Snapchat, then this article is just what you need.

Snapchat nicknames are a great way to add some personality to your snap.

Snapchat has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and many people have found creative Snapchat nicknames to use.

This blog post is going to talk about different Snapchat nicknames that you can use, as well as some other Snapchat tips.

In this post, I have compiled a huge list of funny and cool Snapchat nicknames for Snapchat. 

From A-Z, you can find a nickname for any letter of the alphabet in this list!

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Friends

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Friends
Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Friends

Are you looking for Snapchat nicknames for Snapchat friends? Don’t worry. You are in the right place. Here I’ve posted my collection of nicknames for Snapchat friends.

There are nicknames for Snapchat that focus on different aspects, such as appearance. These nicknames can be used to refer to friends playfully.

You could also come up with nicknames based on your friend’s personality or interests.

Still confused, don’t worry, below I’ve shared my list of Snapchat nicknames for friends.

Some of the Snapchat nicknames below are funny nicknames to call a friend on Snapchat. Others can be used in romantic relationships, depending on your situation.

I’ve also included tons of cute nicknames that you can use when referring to a girl or guys you love.

  • Darth Vader – Darth Vadar is a cool and funny Snapchat name to use. You can use this nickname when referring to your friend who loves Star Wars as you do.
  • Lil’ Monster – Give this cute Snapchatter his or her own special monster title by calling them Lil’ Monster on Snapchat.
  • Ice Cold – If your BFF has impressive control of their emotions, then Ice cold might be the perfect nickname to call them on Snapchat! Be sure not to confuse it with Ice Princess, though that one’s reserved only for girls ;).
  • Ghost Rider – If your snap chatter is a daredevil, then why not call them Ghost Rider!
  • Angel – This nickname can be used for girls. It’s pretty popular among couples who have nicknames for each other on Snapchat.
  • Sweetness – Sweetness is an affectionate term that you could refer to good friends or family members.
  • The muffin top – This nickname is super cute that works well when referring to besties on Snapchat.
  • Mr. Awesome – Mr. awesome is a funny Snapchat nickname that friends can use to poke fun at each other on this famous image messaging app.
  • The amazing one – This nickname for Snapchat works best when referring to someone who never fails to impress you with their talent or ability in any way, shape, or form!
  • Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin pie is an adorable name for sweet and lovely friends, just like the dessert itself!
  • My Sunshine Sweetness & Light – If your BFF makes life seem better by being around them all of the time, then they might be sunshine personified! Give them the epic title of sweetness&light, which should show how much you appreciate everything about them.
  • The Epic One – These nicknames work well for Snapchat users who seem unique at everything they do.
  • The cute one – The cutest nicknames are those that add an adjective like ‘cute’ in front of the name such as, Cute Angel or Cute Bunny.
  • Bambi – If your friend loves animals, then Bambi might just be the proper nickname for them.
  • Cupid – Cupid is a playful nickname that works well when referring to your sweetheart or BFF.
  • Monkey – Monkeys are fun-loving creatures, so if someone’s acting silly on Snapchat, why not call them Monkey?
  • Panda Bear – Panda bear nicknames are popular among couples who have nicknames for each other on Snapchat.
  • Xena – Warrior Princess – It’s for someone with an extraordinary personality.
  • Bubbles – Bubbles makes a fun name that will make your snap buddy smile every time they see their username pop up in chat.

Funny Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat

Funny Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat
Funny Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat

Hey folks, looking for funny nicknames for Snapchat? Calm down. In this post, I’ve shared my collection of funny Snapchat nicknames for Snapchat.

Funny Snapchat nicknames can be used to refer to friends and family on the popular picture-messaging platform.

There are tons of funny Snapchat nicknames that you could use as a nickname for your friend, but here’s my list of some funny ones below.

  • Bae – It also has another meaning which is an acronym for ‘babe.’
  • You – Many people like using their name as a cute way to call themselves when they send selfies back and forth with friends. It might seem selfish at first, but it becomes endearing over time!
  • BF/GF – If you are dating someone, this might be a common term that your significant other uses to refer to you.
  • Snookie – This is a funny nickname to use if you want to call someone who snores loudly. It refers to the main character in the reality show, Jersey Shore.
  • Pumpkin – Another cute way to refer to your significant other as their pumpkin!
  • Monkey Butt – If your friend has, particularly stinky farts, then this might be an appropriate name for them on Snapchat! You can also shorten it up and use butt or stinkbutt instead of monkey butt too!
  • Fluffy/fluffers – Many people like using pet names because they are so friendly sounding. Fluffy could be used as a term of endearment towards friends with very light hair, such as blondes.
  • Cuddle Bug – If you are dating someone, this might be an appropriate nickname for Snapchat. Here’s another cute one that is similar to a cuddle bug, a snuggle bear!
  • Snookie Bear – This funny term refers to the Jersey Shore character again but more endearingly than just calling your friend Snookie directly. You can always shorten it up and use ‘bae bear.’ 
  • Baby Babe – It doesn’t get much cuter or sweeter than this when referring to your significant other as your petite baby babe on Snapchat! For something even shorter, try using babes instead of baby babe.
  • Honey Bunches/Hunny bunches – Another sweet name that wouldn’t be out of place in a love letter to your significant other!
  • Hottie/Honey – Another cute way to refer to someone using their name or nickname.
  • Booger – If your friend isn’t terrible with keeping their boogers in, then try using this Snapchat nickname on them instead of something more offensive like snotface. 
  • Sugar Pie – A sweeter term of endearment that would be perfect for calling an adorable significant other on Snapchat. For something even shorter, shorten up sugar pie into ‘pie.’
  • Tiger Toes/tiggy toes – Another cute one that refers to the way people’s toes look when they curl due to cold weather or swimming pools.
  • Hot Lips – If your friend has particularly sexy lips, then you could call them hot lips on Snapchat. For something even shorter, use ‘lips.
  • Lil’ Mama/mama – Many people like using their name as a cute way to refer to themselves when they send selfies back and forth with friends.
  • Pumpkin Pie – This funny term refers to the Jersey Shore character. It’s a way to call someone who is particularly cute and endearing.
  • Pint Size – Another funny one that refers to a particular celebrity’s height.
  • Champ – If you consider your friend a champion for winning first prize at the science fair, then why not use this name on Snapchat? There are tons of funny nicknames out there, and here is another list of them.
  • King/Queen– A cute way to refer to yourself as king or queen! For something even shorter, try using ‘k’s or ‘q’s.
  • Bubbles – It’s for those with particularly energetic personalities who always seem happy.

Cool Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat

Cool Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat
Cool Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat

Are you Looking for cool nicknames for Snapchat, cool names to add to your Snapchat contacts? Don’t worry. Below, I’ve shared my list of cool and funny Snapchat cool names.

Snapchat nicknames are cool. You can create your own. You should think about what type of person you want the name to represent and make a name for them.

Below is a good collection that will help you find just what you’re looking for when trying to come up with cool nicknames for Snapchat.

  • Amber – a beautiful and shiny gem.
  • Kitty – a cool nickname for girls with short or light-colored hair. This name was made famous by the Kardashians.
  • Snoop – great for someone cool like Snoop Dogg.
  • Lil Poot – if your friend has tiny feet compared to their height, use this cool Snapchat name! It’s funny because poots sound like poots which means fart in Dutch. You could then call them Lil Fart or Lifer Farter.
  • Pumpkin – cool nickname for girls with bright, beautiful hair.
  • Snuggles – if your friend is cuddly and always wants to snuggle when it’s cold outside, then this cool Snapchat name would be perfect!
  • Jelly Bean – great cool Snapchat name if your friend has big or chubby cheeks that look like jelly beans. This one was made famous by the Kardashians, so you know it must be good.
  • Doodle Bug – cute, cool names for best friends who love drawing pictures in a class all day long.
  • Ninja Turtle – funny nicknames for Snapchat which will surely make them laugh whenever they see their screen name next time on your contact list.
  • Sexy Man/ Sexy Woman – cool Snapchat names for guys and girls who are super attractive.
  • Jelly Bum – if your friend is well-rounded with a big butt, then this cool name will make them laugh out loud whenever they see it!
  • Bubbles – great cool Snapchat names to call someone that you love since bubbles always bring a smile to our faces 🙂
  • Egghead – if you have a nerdy roommate or best friend, give them the cool nickname “egghead” because their head does look like an egg, haha.
  • Spicy Meatball – one of my favorite funny nicknames for Snapchat, which would be perfect for roommates who eat spicy foods all day long without any issues.

Cute Snapchat Nicknames For Best Friends

Cute Snapchat Nicknames For Best Friends
Cute Snapchat Nicknames For Best Friends

In Search of cute Snapchat nicknames for Snapchat? Don’t worry. Your search is over. Here I’ve shared my list of cute nicknames for Snapchat.

These cute names are usually based on the physical or personality traits of a person. You can also give someone a nickname related to something they like, such as food, movies, etc.

In Today’s article, we will discuss some cute nicknames for Snapchat that you can use in your conversations with friends and family members who have this app installed on their smartphones.

I hope my list of funny cool nicknames for Snapchat will help you choose one right name for yourself! ????

  • Bratty Bunny – This would be an excellent option if your girlfriend likes bunnies because it’s derived from ‘bunny which is another term for a rabbit.
  • Cuteness Overloaded – This would be the perfect nickname if your girlfriend has an innocent face and is very cute.
  • Angel Face/Heart Throbber – These are two cute nicknames that you can use for girls who have beautiful faces or those with angelic hearts!
  • Babelicious Babe/Handsome cutie pie – If she’s sexy as hell, then why not call her ‘babelicious babe’?
  • Princess of my Heart – Letting her know how much you love her.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow – A cute nickname for your Snapchat friend.
  • Unibo – A cool nickname for a girl on snapchat.
  • Jessica – For naughty snapchat girls.
  • Jess – Good for naughty Snapchat guys.
  • Jessie – For adventures snapchat girls.
  • Sally – A great snapchat nickname for savage girls.
  • Sal – good nickname for guys on snapchat.
  • Sallie – It’s good for girls.
  • Josh – For energetic guys.
  • Joshy Bear – great for adventurous big guys.
  • Josie – You can use it for both boys and girls.
  • Jossie Bear – for a big tall girl.

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Girls

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Girls
Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Girls

Are you looking for Snapchat nicknames for girls? Don’t worry. In this section, I’ve shared my collection of Snapchat nicknames for Snapchat girls.

Do you want to know the best Snapchat nicknames for girls? Girls can have some creative names on this app.

For example, one of my personal favorites is “Muffins.” But It’s not as easy as it sounds to develop a good Snapchat nickname for girls.

To help you, I’ve compiled a list of some creative nicknames for Snapchat girls that you can use if you’re struggling to find the perfect one. Hopefully, this will help.

  • Cutie Pie – One of my favorite nicknames for Snapchat.
  • Darling – cute name to call your snap chat friend or partner.
  • Angel Eyes – Another one of the best Snapchat nicknames for girls!
  • Babe – One of the most used Snapchat nicknames among teenagers and kids Today. But It’s not too harsh either, so it sounds good in every situation when you want to tell someone they are looking attractive at that moment in time.
  • Cookie Monster – Cool Nickname For Snap Chat Friends.
  • Baby Cakes – nicknames for snap chat girls.
  • Doll Face – cute Snapchat nicknames to call your Snapchat friends or partner.
  • Cutie Patootie – A cute Snapchat name to call your girlfriend or partner.
  • Sunshine – One of the Best Snapchat Nicknames For Girls.
  • Lollipop – Cool, Fun, And Cute Snapchat Name To Call Your Friends On Snap Chat.
  • Wifey – I am sure you all know how can this be used as one of the best snap chat names for girls, right? If not, then let me tell you that it is a slang word that means wife/girlfriend in most cases.
  • Chunky Bunny – A cute Snapchat name for your girlfriend.
  • Gummy Bear – Cute snap chat names of girls that you can use as a nickname on Snapchat.

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Girlfriend

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Girlfriend
Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Girlfriend

Hey. are you looking for nicknames to call your girlfriend on Snapchat? Don’t worry. I’ve got this covered. Here are Snapchat nicknames that can be used in a romantic relationship or while communicating with your girlfriend or wife on Snapchat.

I’m sure all girls want their boyfriends to give them cute nicknames instead of harsh words or insults.

But it is not easy to come up with something cute and creative every day. So, I have compiled below a long list of Snapchat nicknames for girlfriends that will make her feel special when she hears from you through Snapchat.

  • Angel Face – because she is your guardian angel.
  • Babes – nicknames for girls. You can use it if you’re in a serious relationship with her and calling her girlfriend or wife.
  • Beautiful Disaster – because no one else could break your heart like her!
  • Babylicious – this nickname has everything that describes the girl of every guy’s dream: good looks and intelligence as well as sweetness and cuteness. She will love to hear this from you more often than not.
  • BBW – Big beautiful woman; I think everyone knows what it means.
  • Blondie – A blond-haired beauty who stole my heart away forever.
  • Blueyes – an adorable name given to show how much you love her.
  • Bon Bons – you can use it if she is the cutest girl of your dream.
  • Boo – because some boys call their partners’ boo’ as a term of endearment that they find cute.
  • Cookie – I think everyone knows what kind of cookies are meant by this name, right?
  • Cuddle Bear – A cuddly little ball of joy who loves to be held tight in your arms.
  • Cutie Patootie – nicknames for girls that are a sweet way of telling her she is the cutest thing in the world to you!
  • Darling – use it if she means everything to you, and calling her this every day will only make things better between both of you.
  • Diamond Eyes – because all I see when I look into my baby’s eyes are diamonds are sparkling away beautifully.
  • Dream Girl – This name sends out precisely what kind of person she is to you without saying too much.
  • Egghead – nicknames for girls, it’s a lovely name to call someone who is extremely intelligent.
  • Fancy Pants –A pet name that says she is more than just your average girl next door. She has something special about her, and this nickname reveals that very well!
  • Fire Cracker – nickname for girl which you can use if she is full of life and energy or simply superb at everything she does in life.
  • Flower Child – nicknames for girls because everyone loves flowers, don’t they? It’s cute, sweet & romantic; even better when used on Snapchat with some friendly colorful filters applied 😉
  • Foxy Lady – A beautiful lady like the most delicate flower but also clever like a fox.

Snapchat Nicknames For Guys And Boys

Snapchat Nicknames For Guys And Boys
Snapchat Nicknames For Guys And Boys

In Search of nicknames for guys on Snapchat? Don’t worry. I’ve collected some cool Snapchat guys nicknames that can be used in this kind of situation.

Having a nickname can be an excellent way to give someone a fun, new identity.

It’s also a great way to let people know that you have some things in common with them.

If you need a Snapchat nickname for your boy, husband, son, brother, or any other male relative in your life but have no idea what to call them?

Look no further. In this blog post, we’ll go over the best Snapchat nicknames for guys on Snapchat.

  • Mundane – if he is very simple and straightforward.
  • King – If he thinks of himself as a king in your life.
  • Stud – If he is good at sex.
  • The Man – if they are always there to get things done.
  • Moonshine – The one who shines your life.
  • Lookout – who loves playing hide and seek?
  • Everything – who you loves the most.
  • Plug – For dull-minded guys.
  • Headache – It’s for the most irritating guys.
  • Hoe – A funny nickname for snapchat guys.
  • Thug – The one who borrows your things.
  • Side – For the guy who doesn’t give you any attention.
  • Other Half – For the loveable guy.
  • Number 1 – The genius guy.
  • Melody – It’s good for the sweetest guy.
  • My World – A lovely nickname for guy on snapchat.
  • Day Maker – One who makes your day amazing.
  • Twinn – The guy who has two faces.
  • Life Line – For the guy who you love the most.
  • Brudda – A cool nickname for a cool Snapchat guy.
  • Realist One – The guy who you trust the most.

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Boyfriend

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Boyfriend
Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Boyfriend

Hey girls, searching for nicknames for boyfriends on Snapchat? Calm down. Here I’ve shared my collection of Snapchat boyfriend nicknames you can use in a romantic relationship or while communicating with your boyfriend on Snapchat.

Every relationship is different, but if you’re in a long-term one, the chances are that you’ve come up with some nicknames for your partner.

Whether they call you ‘babe,’ ‘boo,’ or something more creative like ‘tiger’ (or even worse), it doesn’t matter; nicknames are the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you.

So what better place than on Snapchat? Here are some ideas for what to call your boyfriend on Snapchat.

To make things easier, Below, I’ve mentioned my handpicked collection of Snapchat nicknames for boyfriends.

  • Mountain Lion – He becomes a Master in everything.
  • Marshmallow – It’s all about sweetness and softness.
  • Moon – For your romantic boyfriend.
  • Milkshake – Because he is so delicious!
  • Snowflake – He’s unique and different from others.
  • Sunshine – Always there to brighten up your day.
  • Rainbow – For your colorful boyfriend.
  • Honey Bunny – Because he is so sweet like honey!
  • Tiger – He becomes a master at everything he does.
  • Lion – He gets stronger every day.
  • Panther – He’s the king of the jungle.
  • Whale – For smart boys.
  • Dolphin – Because he jumps out from the water.
  • Dragonfly – His love makes you fly.
  • Eagle – He’s the king of the sky.
  • Falcon – His touch makes you fly high in your dream.
  • Wizard – For intelligent boys who know everything about anything and are talented too!
  • Cute Bunny – It’s all about being pretty, soft, and cuddly!
  • Hot Chocolate– Because he is so hot & sexy like chocolate itself! 
  • Snowman – So cool to be around him forever.

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Cousins And Sisters

Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Cousins And Sisters
Snapchat Nicknames For Snapchat Cousins And Sisters

On a hunt to find nicknames for cousins on Snapchat? Don’t worry. I’ve got this covered. Here are some cute nicknames for cousins and sisters on Snapchat.

Do you want to know the best Snapchat nicknames for cousins brothers and sisters? Cousins can have some creative names on Snapchat.

To help you, I’ve compiled a list of some creative nicknames for Snapchat cousins that you can use if you’re struggling to find the perfect one. Hopefully, this will help.

Below is my list of nicknames for Snapchat cousins and sisters.

  • Almond Girl – For that sweet cousin.
  • Crazy – Because she makes your heart skip a beat!
  • Little Monkey – She’s so naughty, just like one.
  • Sugar Pie – Sweet to the core.
  • Sugar Cookie – For cute girls with soft hearts and kind souls.
  • Sweetie Pie – An adorable name for an awesome cuz.
  • Cutey Pie – The cutest nickname you can call her on Snapchat or any other messaging app.
  • Bae – It stands for Someone who is Your Everything.
  • Boo – For a girl who makes your life complete.
  • Gumdrop – It’s cute and sweet like candy, so why not?
  • Lil Bun – She may be young, but she has the potential to go far in life.
  • Cute Bunny – Cuz you can’t get enough of her!
  • Honey Bunch – Because she is sweeter than honey itself. 
  • Sugar Lips – Perfect for girls with luscious lips that are just begging for kisses all day long.
  • Angel Eyes – The most beautiful eyes belong to my angel cousin.
  • Cupcake – Sweetness overload.
  • Skittles – Bright colors usually indicate happiness, which means this nickname suits her perfectly.
  • Baby Doll / Barbie – A good handle for girls who are fun-loving, playful, and flirtatious.
  • Hotness / Hottie – For the cute, sexy cousin in your family! 
  • Sugarplum – Because she’s sweet like candy canes around Christmas time!
  • Bunches of Kisses/ Bunchy – An adorable name to call her when you want to show how much love you have for her.
  • Sunshine – She brightens up even the darkest days with just one smile; enough said.
  • Baby Cakes – The best way to put it is that there isn’t anything sweeter than this girl right here.  
  • Sweet Love Pie – A little bit cheesy, but still.
  • Tootsie Roll – For girls who are as sweet and chewy as these chocolatey treats.
  • Cherry – She’s so cute, it almost hurts to look at her! 
  • Suga-Mama / Suga Mama – A cutesy name for your adorable mommy, dearest cousin.
  • Buddy – Because she is such a good buddy to have around when you need someone by your side no matter what happens in life.

Snapchat Nicknames Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I have shared some of the most common questions people ask about nicknames for Snapchat.

What is a good nickname for Snapchat?

Here are some possible good nicknames for Snapchat.
Snappy Donald

Can you have nicknames on Snapchat?

Yes, you can have nicknames with Snapchat, but it’s not the same as having your actual name.
It doesn’t show up in search results, and all your friends can see your nickname.

How do you put a nickname on Snapchat?

When you want to put a nickname on your account, it’s easy. First, go into the settings and type in the name that you would like to be known.

Next, tap on “add another profile.” From there, select “profile,” then choose which one of your friends’ accounts that you would like to link.

You can also change other aspects of your profile by tapping on “profile” again. Now tap on the gear icon at the top right corner of your screen and scroll down until you see “add friend.” Then select who you’d like to add!

How to change nicknames on Snapchat?

Open Snapchat and go to ‘Settings.’ Press on the nickname (i.e., the one you’ve been using as your account). Type in a new nickname and tap ‘save changes’! Paths will now be under your new nickname 🙂

Who can see nicknames on Snapchat?

Friends and those who follow you can see your nickname on Snapchat. Mostly friends and those who follow you can see your nickname, whether it’s public or not.

This is the only way people will be able to find you and chat with you. You can constantly adjust these settings in-app if necessary to open up room for more friendships!

How to create nicknames for Snapchat friends?

Find out what names they use on social media. Use something distinctive about the person or know them well enough to give them a unique nickname! One approach is just to use their full name on Snapchat.

What are Snapchat nicknames?

Snapchat nicknames are custom display names that users can assign to themselves or their friends on Snapchat to provide a personalized and unique touch to their interactions on the platform.

Are Snapchat nicknames visible to others?

Nicknames are only visible to you and the friend you’ve assigned the nickname to. Other friends and users on the platform will not see these nicknames.

What are some tips for choosing a great Snapchat nickname?

Choose a nickname that represents the person’s personality, interests, or a funny inside joke. Remember to keep it appropriate and respectful, as nicknames are meant to be fun and lighthearted.

How to remove a nickname on Snapchat?

To remove a nickname, go to the chat screen, tap on the name or chat, press and hold the friend’s name, select “More”, then tap on “Edit Name” and delete the current nickname. The friend’s original display name will be restored.


So that’s all, for now, snap chatters. I hope you like my collection of Snapchat nicknames Snapchat.

If any of these Snapchat nicknames for boys, Snapchat girl names, or Snapchat boyfriends was interesting enough to make you laugh, then go ahead and start using them right away.

In this article, we’ve gone over some of the most popular Snapchat nicknames for girls. As you can see from our list, many creative Snapchat names could work as your girlfriend’s or wife’s nicknames on Snapchat.

Whether you’re looking to call her “babe” or something more unique like “cutie pie,” I’m sure you’ll find a name here with which she’ll fall in love.

In addition to these great examples, be sure to think about what words make your partner feel special and how they relate to each other.

For example, if she has blue eyes, maybe try using “blue-eyed beauty” as her Snapchat name. The sky is the limit when it comes to nicknames for Snapchat.

Please let me know what do you think about this article in the comments section below.

If there are more Snapchat nicknames that I missed? Please mention them in the comment box because I love reading your feedback.

If you like my list, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on social media, I appreciate it, Have a nice lovely day.

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